As you know I've been taking part in the wonderful '52 Project' since the beginning of January, and I'm surprised that I've actually managed to get a post up each week. It may be a day or two late some times, and I may have a "oh crap I haven't taken many photos this week" panic on a Sunday evening, but I usually manage to find something!

Some weeks though I have trouble choosing, I have submitted on occasion two photos when I just couldn't choose, some weeks there is just one clear choice, and some weeks I submit one but feel regret that I didn't choose another or sad if I really love a photo but it doesn't get used...(I know I need to get out more...)

So I thought I would show a few of my outtakes and discarded choices, some of which you may have seen before as I've managed to squeeze them into other posts, but sometimes it's good to let them have a little space of their own to sit!


  1. I love the first photo, in his bath towel. I'm sure its hard to pick just one, especially when you have a photogenic kid!

  2. Your photos are so beautiful Abi. May I ask which lens you use? I'm looking to get a new one and my birthday is looming!

    1. thank you! yes it's a 35mm lens for our nikon..I'm dreaming of a new camera too!

  3. Seriously Abi - every single one of those are beautiful! I just adore the potty one though, the memories of that time for you will always be special (in hindsight!) and the juxtaposition of Theo sat there on his potty 'throne' and the other people passing by in the distant background is lovely, perfect!


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