I usually dread the summer holidays because it means that all the places we usually go are completely over run by other kids, and then I just get the fear. We haven't visited St.Andrews park (a really nice park near us!) all summer because I'm scared of it. This may sound weird, and it is, but I just get nervous going there. All the kids running around, people not watching what their children are up to, noise and chaos, fights and oh a massive sandpit and you know how I hate sand. So we haven't gone, but hopefully once the children go back to school we can visit again. But it just means that we have to be a bit more adventurous and inventive when we think of what we can do with our days.

Luckily we have a good little group with whom we meet up with a few times each week, some days we go swimming, or a smaller park near us, we go Gromit hunting, picnics and trips outside of Bristol. Not only do I have a lovely time with these mums who I would call my good friends but our boys are also very good friends. It's so lovely to see them all interacting with each other. Not just playing along side each other, or I should say fighting over the same toy, they now talk, share (mostly), run around, lead each other on and have their own little relationships. Theo will always ask after his friends, and it's the sweetest thing to see their faces light up when they see each other or embrace when they say goodbye! I hope as they get older they will remain friends, even go to the same school as each other and can be one of those friends who they can say they've known each other since they were two. I know that they are going to be mischievous, wild and scheming together as they get older too...I can see it already!

So these friends and outings have made our summer a little more bearable!


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