cornwall adventures: day one

So the holiday is over. I'm heartbroken! I've been to Cornwall a few times before, but not for nearly 10 years so I was pretty excited to go back, but I didn't expect to totally fall in love with it and leave a piece of my heart there! Leaving was very very hard to do and five days is just really not long enough. I'm sure looking back at all the photos is going to break my heart even further...but here you go!

We arrived on Monday to Trevella Park, meeting up with my sister and Paul who came to join us on our holiday. I initially arrived in Cornwall on Sunday where we dropped Theo off to a very weary Rob fresh (or not so fresh) from his stag do. I then scampered off to the Eden project with my dear friend Jonny to indulge in a night of beautiful music, watching Sigur Ros and Daughter. Needless to say it was pretty breathtaking, and amazing to see Sigur Ros again (we worked out it has been nearly seven years since I last saw them?!) and even more so at such a magical venue as the Eden project.

So the next morning I travelled back to St.Agnes to meet up with Rob and Theo again, and then we travelled onto Newquay to meet up with my sister. We had a wonder around the town, did a little shopping and ate amazing sandwiches at Cafe Irie before making our way to the holiday park to settle into the caravan. After this we unpacked explored the pretty spacious mobile home (we opened all the cupboards) we had a little scout around the site. We even braved the swimming pool, which surprisingly was pretty warm, for being open air. Theo had such a good time splashing about that we had to tear him away! There's a little play park a couple of 100 metres from our pitch and a little shop just around the corner too. We discovered Ollie the Owl, a huge Eagle owl, and some other birds and eyed up their crazy golf course (as 30p a game we surely can't pass that up?!) We spent the evening playing, talking, eating lasagne and playing cards. Perfect!

 Ahead of our trip we were given some ideas for 50 adventures we could experience whilst on our stay in Cornwall, which was a fun way to get a few ideas on what we can get up to. There's just so much to do and see though, which is why you definitely need a lot more time!

Theo wanted to paint his face like aunty, and this was the result...he applied to mascara himself! 
The next day we woke up to rain, so after some much needed lie ins we decided to visit the aquarium in Newquay. We stopped on route for our first taste of Cornish pasties then headed to the beach to join the queue for the aquarium, seeing as everyone had the same idea as us! Whilst we were waiting in line someone came out with a star fish and a live lobster to show the children and give a little talk about them, which we thought was a great idea to keep kids happy whilst waiting! We happily explored the aquarium for an hour or so, looking at all the weird and wonderful creatures they keep. The scariest but more fascinating was probably the giant Atlantic octopus, and we loved the big tank with sharks, rays and a giant turtle. We played finding Nemo and then finding Doree too! When We'd finished we walked back up the hill and stopped for delicious ice cream and had a quick look around town whilst the boy slept.
We took advantage of the sleeping babe and had a sneaky play in the arcade, but before long Theo woke up and enjoyed a game or two on the 2 penny machines too. We then wondered along to the harbour to look at the boats and to eat our sandwiches, look at the lifeboat and try to spot some seals; which we did manage to see just one poking it's head out of the water, which was still pretty exciting!

Even though it rained on and off all day it definitely didn't spoil our day, and we had such fun exploring Newquay, finding family friendly places to visit and explore. We really enjoyed it all, the aquarium, the harbour and seal spotting, looking round the shops. We even adventured off somewhere else for tea, but more to come on that later!  Such a lot to pack into one day, but it was such a good one!


  1. What a beautiful place! Your pictures are gorgeous.


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