cornwall adventure, day two; part one

We woke up to another over cast day in Cornwall but no rain thankfully so we headed north to Tintagel Castle . My sister remembers visiting when she was little and exploring the caves below but it was hide tide this time so the caves were unreachable.

Once again the scenery was breathtaking, we drove through tiny picturesque villages, up steep hills and through winding roads and finally reached the village of Tintagel, which itself is pretty touristy. We walked down the hill to the base of the castle, stopping for the obligatory cream tea (we ate cream tea every day....)

After our refreshment we climbed up to the castle, where we played on the old remains and gazed at the  sea below where we spotted a seal poking its head up! Rob scared me by going to the egde of the cliff with Theo, I literally was nearly sick with the fear of them slipping so I had to manically call them back...

 Finally we climbed to the highest point and stopped for a break, where Theo practised some of his photography skills! We stayed for a while taking in the views, before heading back up to the village and off on another adventure!


  1. Gorgeous photos!

    And you actually have to eat cream teas everyday when on holiday in Cornwall, it's the law ;-)


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