Cornwall adventure, day three

This was our last full day in Cornwall, sadly. It flew by so quickly! We decided to have a bit more of a relaxed day seeing as we had packed in so much the two days previous. In the morning Rob, Theo and I drove the short distance to Lappa Valley Steam Railway.

So of course Theo was in heaven, it was the best behaved we've seen him be in long while! We weren't too sure of what to expect when we arrived, we thought perhaps it would be a few trains to ride on, but we were surprised to see so much more to do than just that. There were three miniature trains to ride on, two that went through the woods. Then there was a boating lake with paddle boats, a mini golf course, ride on cars, peddle bikes, numerous playgrounds, a maze and a cafe and shop. Definitely enough to keep us entertained for the morning. Theo wasn't quite old enough for some of the activities, but as you can expect he wasn't too bothered and just wanted to ride the trains. We all had a lovely time, and even better when the sun decided to make an appearence!

 We then made our way home to meet back up with my sister who had spent the morning relaxing on the decking of the caravan soaking up the sun. We all went swimming in the in the pool once more, ate some late lunch and then decided to check out the walk to the nearest beach.

By the afternoon it felt like proper Summer as we headed through the fields and wondered along a stream until we came out to the river mouth and the wide sandy banks. We didn't make it any further than this as we enjoyed paddling in the crystal clear water and walking across the submerged footbridge. It was pretty surreal to be walking across the path, as the water was pretty deep either side of the bridge, and at one point we were even startled as a fish jumped up and over the bridge itself! The tide started to recede soon enough, and as we were leaving the bridge was once again above the water. It did feel pretty surreal, like we stumbled into a parallel universe for a short time!

On the way home we stopped to pick some Elderflowers, and even found some amazing tree swings where we screamed like children It was the perfect way to end our last day!


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