cornwall adventure: day one (part deux)

Carrying on from our first day in Cornwall, after the harbour we decided on fish and chips for tea so made our way back to the car to head a little way along the coast back to St.Agnes and a small cove and a highly recommend fish and chip shop and pub. It started to spit with rain again as we drove, but luckily seemed to clear up as we arrived. We ordered freshly caught fish, homemade hand cut chips, along with freshly made minted mushy peas and tartar sauce, all prepared earlier in the day. As each order was cooked fresh we were told to wait in the pub opposite and have a drink and they would come and tell us when our food was ready, which was perfect! We met a lovely pug dog, and enjoyed a swift half of ale before collecting our chips and finding a bench to eat them whilst looking over the bay. They were probably the best fish and chips I've had in long long while, if not the best ever!

We watched the children warming up for their evening surf school as the sun tried to break through the clouds. When we had finished we went for a stroll on the beach to jump over the streams, peer in the rockpools and climb on rocks. It really is the perfect place for a family adventure, and we wished we had a net so we could try and find some crabs! We explored some caves and admired the rock foundations then finally made our way home.

We did so much on the frist day of our holiday, but when you're only there for under a week need to fit in as much as possible. I'm so gutted that we didn't plan before hand to stay on a few more nights in Cornwall and go camping, but I guess you live and learn right? But this really was the most perfect way to spend a slightly rainy day in Cornwall! 


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