oh we do like to be beside the seaside

So finally the great British summer has shown up, and we were lucky enough to be visiting Rob's grandparents last weekend so we took advantage of it and had our first trip to the beach this year (well not the first, but the first hot and sunny trip)

There was a slight breeze as we made our way through the town to the seafront, passing other families revelling in the marvel of the sunshine like it hasn't been seen in a long while. People sat on benches willing their winter white skin to turn a darker shade, whilst children bravely tested the sea water. We stopped for ice-cream, because that's what you do at the seaside, before finding a small patch on the beach to try it out for ourselves.

I'm so happy that Theo has finally become a bit braver when it comes to the sea, because it would be a boring childhood for sure if he never experienced the waves, and might even help me get over my fear and hate of the sea and sand. Here's hoping the good weather sticks around and this can be the first of many great weekends by the sea!

Have any of your been to the beach recently, or even braved a paddle in the sea? I would love to hear about it if you have, and discover any new spots! 


  1. We did!!!!!!! Yay for summer days eh? A beautiful collection of photos as always :) xx

    1. yey well done! was that in cornwall? Lets hope they stick around though? (and not get too hot!)

    2. No, Worthing. A lovely place, but pebbles instead of sand & being a Devon girl I struggle with that ;)


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