bristol adventures: tyntesfield (again!)

It's been a little quiet around here, perhaps because of the weather I've been hermitting a little, or perhaps it's just one of those weeks where I don't have much to say. I kind of like it that way though, sometimes it's good to be a little quiet and take a step back.

I do love this little blog of mine though, I'm happy (and a little proud) with it. It isn't huge and it doesn't make me money but I enjoy it being my space to share and record memories. I love that I have made friends in real life through it, and continue to receive advice and support through the lovely people who read it! I'm not sure where this is all coming from, but perhaps I have been thinking and reflecting on it, and whats going to happen in the future. Who knows where this blog will be in a year or so, I hope still here whittling on quietly in the corner...but we shall see!

Anyway on with the post!

My weeks have been fairly unstructured since I stopped going to playgroups, which was perhaps one of the good things about them is that it at least got me out of the house in the morning. Sometimes I find it a little hard to get inspired to go out and do things if I haven't made a plan before hand. So early this week I called up my mother to see if she wanted to meet up somewhere local for a day out. Seeing as we all have National Trust memberships we took advantage and went to Tyntesfield. Rob and I visited a few months ago just as spring was starting to...spring! The weather on Wednesday unfortunately wasn't as good, and certainly not as lovely as it's been the last few weeks, but we still had a good time. This time the house was open so we were able to have a nose around there too, and explore a little more of the gardens.

Theo enjoyed exploring the gardens, climbing on the tree stumps and running through the bushes. We spotted cows and talked about the tall trees. I absolutely love seeing him run around and exploring the countryside, being adventurous and fearless.


  1. This place looks beautiful!!



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