twenty / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013 -

A very rare moment of stillness, and a very rare suck of the thumb. He has never been a thumbsucker, and even though I wouldn't have minded if he did as I come from a long line of thumbsuckers, it seems strange to see him do it now. We made it through infancy without using a pacifier or a thumb, so I wonder why he found it on this particular morning?

Last week I loved Lottie's hair inspired portraits! Must have been something about hair last week!



  1. Aw, he looks so cuddly. That is strange that he found his thumb on that day, must have just needed some extra comfort, or maybe it had strawberry jam on it and tasted good! :)

  2. He looks so comfortable and relaxed ... no wonder he's sucking his thumb ... gorgeous photo :0)

  3. Hi! i'm part of Jodi's 52 project too and this is one of my favorite pics of the last week!


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