"this train is bound for glory"

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Justine Kurland, and in particular to this project. Her story tells of her travelling across America, living on the road with her young son Casper. As he grew older so did his obsession with trains, and it too became the focal point of Kurlands work.

Her images are so quiet and captivating, and the stories they tell of the people they meet along the way and the scenery they encounter are beautiful.

It seriously makes me want to pack up some of our things, and just take our little family off travelling and of course photographing what we see along the way. I've written so many times here before about my love of travelling, that sometimes I do wonder why we don't just throw caution the wind and take a break from this life we are living and get out there. I know there are a million reason why we should stay; work, money, jobs, school, friends and family to name a few, and of course being responsible adults, but it still doesn't stop me from dreaming about doing it all the same. In the past when I've had urges to go travelling I've worked out a way to do it, working three jobs at a time to save some money, taking a break from University and just doing it and not regretting it. Just for six months, then I think my itch would be itched...what do you think?!

all images © Justine Kurland


  1. Do it if you really want to! You've got nothing to lose really and Theo's young enough still :)

  2. ha I just looked at your images first and then showed my husband and said the same line you said. I then begged him and said please let's just go live raw. It makes me want to work a lot harder to pay all the silly debt I have and then just do it or just like you said go off for 6 months and if we get into debt again then so be it we had the adventure of our lives

  3. What a lovely, lovely post. Brings out the wanderlust in me as well! xo


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