going to the zoo, zoo zoo

A few weeks back we bought a joint membership to the zoo, and we've managed to go quite a few times since then, as you know, we've got to get our moneys worth in the first few weeks! The other day we had nothing planned and no friends to see, so after a lazy morning we decided last minute to go to the zoo. If you ask Theo if he wants to go to the zoo, he says "yeeeeh dinosaurs!" We had one of those afternoons that just went well, which is pretty rare! We had a lovely time hanging out, eating lunch looking at animals and playing at the park. We spent longer than we indented there, because we were having too much fun and in my eyes it was one of those afternoons that will add to Theo's memory of nice childhood moments. I hope that over the summer and for the rest of the year we spend lots more time there, as it's a pretty good place to go and hang out! 


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