film friday : summer flashback

We're off to Devon again this weekend, and the weather forecast looks pretty darn good! I've been super jealous of hearing about people jetting (well not jetting, driving?) off on holiday and it really makes me want to go too! (Hope you're having a lovely time Lia and Alexis!) Whenever we visit Devon the weather is usually ok, but we have yet to have a scorching weekend where we can visit the beach and perhaps even have a paddle in the you can see I've got high hopes for the good old British weather this weekend, but I know the sea will be FREEZING still! Oh well I can but dream!

I thought I would share some of our films from various outings last summer to get me in the mood for our latest adventure...

Photos include a trip to Devon last September, another day out at Noahs ark zoo and a bike ride to Bath last summer!

I hope everyone gets some sunshine this weekend too, and if you're on holiday perhaps you'll brave the sea? Or maybe just a paddling pool in the garden?! 


  1. Theo looks so little!
    You could always come here inniiit! (please please please!)


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