active family month; week three: get sporty

This week's active family challenge was all about getting sporty, and having a good dose of sporting competition. Seeing as Theo is only two it is a bit tricky to actually get him to play sports with rules or against other people, but in the spirit of things I decided to try and organise a little toddler sports day.

Bank holiday weekend seemed like the perfect time to get together, and luckily we were blessed with beautiful sunshine all day on Sunday. I arranged with a few friends to meet at the playing fields by our houses, to bring some equipment or games and a picnic. I didn't really have any real plan of how the day should go, or what activities they could attempt, as I've never organised anything like this before or know how much a bunch of slightly wild two year old boys would be able participate in. So I lay a few objects such as hoops and bean bags, a tunnel, a goal, some ride on toys, some ball pit balls and a paddling pool out, and after the initial excitement of seeing each other wore off they did get on with some activities.

Some balls and bean bags were thrown in hoops, some goals were scored, and the tunnel was crawled through. I don't think there was really an element of competition in it, as thats not really a word two year olds can understand yet! But they had fun and we made it up as we went along! The best activity was probably using the large sheet I brought along to bounce all the balls on top of, sing songs under and making a giant swing out of. We climbed the hill, ran around and rolled back down again. Rob became I giant green worm and chased them all around. They definitely all got involved, and at the end of the day it may not have been very regimented or organised, but we were all out in the sunshine enjoying a good run around. I'm happy to have encouraged a few other families to join us in our active week too, and it's always fun see our friends and best of all it was all free!

Here's a little video of our day!

sports day from Abigail Oliver on Vimeo.

What did you all get up to this bank holiday weekend? I hope the weather was lovely for you, and you all got to spend some time with your families! Did you get up to anything active or sporty? Or fancy having your own mini sports day?


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