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My my this week has flown by! I can believe this time last week we had just arrived in Brighton and we were getting ready for a busy weekend of seeing friends and lots of fun. Since getting back on Monday we have been trying to get back to normal, and it's been pretty busy and I'm sad to say that this blog has been a little neglected. There's tons of posts I want to write and am really excited about, but I just don't really feel like sitting down at the computer. Which is typical as sometimes I feel like writing posts but just don't have much to say at the time. Having a break from the internet at the weekend was much needed though, and I think I'm still on slight holiday mode. I like it though when real life is busy enough to keep you away from the computer and impose a little break, it's just hard to get back again. So forgive me if it's a little quite around these parts at the moment, I will be back to resume normal service again soon! 


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