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So once again I'm late on this week's update, but you know what I think I'm just going to keep it random, so I can keep you on your toes (not that anyone actually cares when, and if this is posted at all!) and so I can feel less guilty about wanting to have an evening away from the computer!

But we've had a nice week again, trying to enjoy the brief glimpses of sunshine that we've had, we've had a relatively cheap and fun week visiting a National Trust as you know, having friends round, and going on walks. That's what I love about the nicer weather, we don't have to shell out lots of money going to play places just to be able to get out the house, things just become a little bit more bearable!

And speaking of nice weather, I heard to forecast for this weekend is supposed to be GLORIOUS (yes capitals) and as luck would have it we are travelling down to Brighton this weekend to see lots of different friends, including the wonderful Sarah and Stanley, stay with my Aunty and watch the marathon! I'm even packing my sandals in anticipation...too early?

eeeeeeee exciting! So it may be quite around here for the next few days, but I'll be back with tales from the seaside once again!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend in the sun (hopefully!) 


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