theo's daily outfit

April already?! Whaaaat?! I can't actually believe I've kept up with a daily outfit photo for all this time, give or take a few missed days due to illness. It's going to be pretty good though when the year is over looking back and seeing how much he has changed, all the places we've been and our day to day life. This project isn't so much about the clothes, it's just about documenting our everyday and taking a photo of Theo everyday too.

This week has been a busy one, I've been ill in bed after our weekend away to my dad's, then recovering down in Devon at Rob's grandparents who did an amazing job of entertaining and looking after Theo whilst we both had a rest. We got out and about as much as possible though and luckily the sun shone for us most of the time we were there even though it was still pretty chilly. It's nice to be home now and slowly getting back into our routine even though it's still the holidays. It was one of the first bank holiday weekends where Rob was actually off work, so it felt pretty nice to spend lots of time together, hopefully something which will happen a lot more in his new job...hip hip hooray!

Hope you all had a good Easter weekend, whether you stayed home or went away! 


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