brighton blues

so it's been a week since we returned from our little trip to Brighton and I have had serious pangs of longing to be back lounging on the beach, visiting nice pubs and being around my lovely friends. We had a really really lovely weekend. Even though it rained all day Saturday we were still in high spirits, and even though on Sunday we were out all day, didn't eat a proper meal and got a bit stuck at the end of the day we remained calm and happy. Maybe because we were in a new (for Rob) place to visit, where both of our friends were, or the excitement and inspiration of watching people run the marathon or because the sun shone but since the weekend we have both been inkling to be back.

Theo was on top form all weekend too, we met up with so many people each day that he was in his element making new friends and learning everyone's name and entertaining as only he knows how. We had no meltdowns, despite being out all day, everyday, being in pubs and restaurants and maybe not eating proper meals all the time. We were all exhausted by the end of the day, but happy as we all snuggled in bed together. And of course he loved the beach.

We stayed with my aunty in Shoreham in the very same house that we used to stay as children, and every time I visit Brighton it brings back such happy memories from my childhood. My friends both went to university there too, so Brighton made a small space in my heart a while ago, but this weekend visiting it under new circumstances, introducing my small family to this city and the sea, that space has definitely grown. As well as new friends Sarah and Stanley living close by, and our friends from University settling there it's safe to say that we will be making many more visits in the future...and in my dreams perhaps we would end up living in a small house by the sea! 


  1. Come visit again soon. OR even better - MOVE here!!!!!! xx

    1. OUI!

      Move to brighton and then I will also move thereeeee!


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