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hooray! I was lucky enough to be given this award twice by Lia and Cori! If you haven't heard of it before (like me!) then its a lovely little award to help spread some love around the blogging world by sharing some deep personal secrets about yourself and to then make your favourite bloggers do the same!

So I'm going to try and answer both sets of questions (maybe not in one post!), then pass the deed onto 11 of my favourite bloggers with my own 11 questions who do it all over again...see sowing my wild seed in a big love orgy...

Firstly Lia's questions

1. Who has influenced you the most throughout your life?

I think I would have to say my sisters. We all share pretty common interests and tastes, and they are the first people I would go to for advice or inspiration. They were the first I told about being pregnant before my parents..They've just always been such a constant support and influence throughout my life and even though we bicker I really wouldn't do without them! 

2. What was the first blog you became addicted to? 

I dabbled in reading blogs before I was pregnant, but when I started my own and really got into the blogging world I imagine it was probably Bleubird Vintage. Probably a first for many people, but I just never knew that the whole blogging world existed like this.

3. Favourite day of the week? 

I think probably a Saturday? I'm not sure why I've always just loved the busyness but relaxed feel of the day. A day to get things done, go on an adventure, spend time with friends etc

4. Hot or cold holidays? 

Probably somewhere in the middle? I'd be happy to live in perpetual Spring if I could. I'm a Scandinavian summer type of person I'd say...

5. Book you're currently reading? 

Currently reading 1Q84 for Haruki Murakami. It's taking some time to get into, but it's a mammoth book and I need to dedicate some more time to it because I love all of his other work. 

6. Beauty product you can not live without? 

hmm not sure about this one, perhaps it's foundation. I was never a foundation wearer before, but soon discovered it's delights when used to cover up my mum-bags and horrible uneven skin tones!

7. What's for dinner? 

we had vegetarian spaghetti bolognese using up a whole load of veg before we go away for the weekend..not very exciting

8. Favourite place on the planet? 

yikes such a hard question. I have been lucky enough to go to some pretty amazing places, I day dream often about Nepal and India, or Norway and Sweden and would love to go back to each...but I don't know, my favourite place might just have to be home? 

9. Here's £100 for just YOU. What do you do with it? 

I'm going to hold you to this Lia! That will go towards our honey moon thank you very much! 

10. Favourite toy or book as a child? 

I had a few favourite toys, mainly my two monkeys angus and chi-chi cherry nose. I apparently took quite a liking to chi-chi (or just monkey as he was more commonly known) when I was a baby and stole him off my sister. He's still with me to this day, with Angus hanging out and making new friends on Theo's bed. I also had a doll who's name was Jesus, and when people told me Jesus was a man I shot them down saying "don't be silly, she's a girl, men don't wear dresses"...there you have it. 

11. What's your party trick? 

I don't think I really have a party trick, but on my 18th birthday my dad let me throw a house party, where we all got hideously drunk and I tap danced in the kitchen for everyone before obviously falling on my face...good times. 

So the bloggers my awards go to are:

albert and the lion
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ruby hoppen
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so my 11 questions are as follows:

1. What family traditions do you/ want to carry on with your own family?
2. Favourite colour?
3. Describe your perfect weekend
4. The beach, a forest, mountains or meadow?
5. What's the best live music show you've ever been to?
6. What's your best chat up line, or best one used on you?
7. What's your guilty pleasure?
8. If you could go anywhere in the world, for an unlimited amount of time where would you go and how long would you go for?
9. What's the meanest thing your sibling ever did to you when you were a child?
10. What's the one trait you would encourage most in your child/ren?
11. Favourite drink?


  1. I look forward to hearing where the honeymoon is going to be - might need more than the 100 quid?!

    From one abigail to another - you have a lovely blog and I will be back soon to read more.

    1. hehe we're planning on New York hopefully, so yes will cost a lot more than that but I guess it would all count!

      oh will check out your blog now! thanks for stopping by! x


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