a theo update

This little boy is growing up so quick! It's hard to remember all the things he does on a day to day basis, but here are a few things that make me smile and wish I could go and wake him up and cuddle him once he's gone to bed (but really, I'm bloody glad that he has gone to bed)

It seems as though suddenly a switch has gone in his head and all the months of hard work teaching him colours, the alphabet, numbers and shapes has really paid off! He loves colours and letters the most. When we are walking or riding the bus he will notice and point out his favourite letters and gets oh so very excited by this. Imagine how good it must be to get excited by just spotting letters? He knows pretty much all of them now, and has great fun completing his alphabet puzzle that he got for Christmas from yaya. If he's having a bit of a whinge I can often distract him by asking him what colours things are, or what shape. He's getting there with numbers, he can say them all and recognise most, but hasn't quite got the hang of putting them in order! But this has all happened in a matter of a week or two, fascinating!

He is getting a lot better at playing independently, a few times recently he's been happy to play in his room alone for 15-20 minutes, or just potter around. A lot of the time I don't need to actually play with him, just be in the same room or near to him. He loves doing puzzles at the moment, and will bring one or call me over and pat the floor next to him saying "come on mummy". Other games we are currently enjoying are tunnels (making a tunnel out of everything possible, his favourite being under the covers), hiding from daddy and being found, building towers and knocking them down, playing pairs with picture cards and of course trains. He's started to act out a few stories and situations with his trains, and I often hear him making his trains hang off the egde of things and saying "help help"... wonder where he got that one from!

When we're out he likes to walk along side his pushchair holding onto the side, or to be carried. He's recently decided that he needs a new mummy and will attach himself to one of my friends, much to the disgust of her own child. He knows I'm his mummy, but likes to have a cuddle with other mummy's too. I'm not going to lie, some times it makes me feel a little dejected! But then when we are home I can't prise him off my leg so I guess it all balances out...

But he's getting good at making friends, and will always say hello and goodbye. A good way to bribe him out of the house is by telling him we're going to see a certain person, and he calls them his friend and does the friend sign (thanks Mr. Tumble). It is very very sweet! If he does hit or push a child he's becoming a lot better at understanding he's been naughty and saying sorry. He will always try and give them a cuddle, whether they want one or not. I have been struggling a lot with the whole discipline thing, but that's another story. But mostly I figure it's just a phase a lot of them go through, and especially boys.

His language is getting pretty good too. He can tell me most of the time what he wants, and describes and names things all the time. When he really wants something he'll whingerly (yeh I made that word up) repeat over and over what it is, until you can name the thing he wants, then he'll stop dead and say "alright"! At the moment it's too endearing not to give into what he wants...but most of the time it's just for food or a drink!

I'm sure theres a million other things he does that I should record, but that's all my tired brain can conjure up at the moment!


  1. Your little boy looks so lovely. I almost fell over with amazement the first time my son used the 'friend' sign and it made me fall in love with Justin just a little bit more. It's like getting free baby sign classes that show! And I loved your parting comment in the National Trust post about hearing 'mummy mummy mummy' all day long - it's exactly the same here in our house too. Happy Spring to you and your boy x

    1. haha yeh it is pretty special when they pick up things like that isn't it? Especially when he can use it in the right context too! Thanks for your comment, didn't know that you are a local9ish) blogger too!

  2. So lovely! Lil is exactly the same as Theo at the moment, she does everything he does. It would be interesting to see how they get on now they're a bit older - I can't wait to see! x

    1. aw thats awesome! I bet they'd still be in love, I would love them to hang out again! x


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