theo's daily outfits

Whoops! Getting later and later with these...I will try and keep them up. You may have noticed that some aren't really very clear shots of his outfits, it's getting increasingly hard to get a good, non-blurry full length frontal photo of him everyday! either my phones not up to it, or he's just getting faster, but I can't seem to catch him like I used to and he certainly doesn't want to pose for me! Anyway I still enjoy putting these together and the challenge, but sorry if they aren't always very clear!

Just a little side note, I noticed that I've been nominated for the photography category for the Mad blog awards and I have to say I'm very very grateful! I've never been one to follow or be part of awards or contests, but it's lovely to be nominated and especially for photography. Photography is something I'm hugely passionate about, and even though I am not really doing any 'work' at the moment, it's good to put my degree to use through photography for the blog, so any recognition is amazing! Of course I would never expect to win, as this blog is only little, but if you did want to vote or nominate me for any thing that would be super! thank you thank you thank you!

MAD Blog Awards


  1. Just started reading your blog and just wanted to leave a comment letting you know how much I love it, plus I'm so jealous of those moccasins!!

    1. hi! thanks so much for reading and the kind words! just had a peek over at your blog and your little boy is the cutest, can't wait to read more!

      and yes I've been patiently waiting for him to fit the moccasins that I managed to find for about a £1! I'm a little worried at how long they'll last being worn as shoes though...


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