the weekend

Our weekend started early on Valentines day, not that we particularly celebrate Valentines day...I bought Rob a card, left him a little message, made a card for him from Theo. I dropped a few hints about my favourite flowers and how the ones I had bought myself a few weeks ago had died, just as a little push in the right direction...but no, I still do not have any flowers. Or a surprise getaway to Paris.

Anyway, anyway not that it matters (much). Rob had a half day of work on Thursday so we headed up to my Mums house in the afternoon. We did go out for a last minute dinner at Wetherspoons for a curry (so classy, I know) but hey it was last minute and our only chance to go out for dinner together.

We spent the afternoon playing in the garden together as my Mum is lucky enough to have a nice sized garden, which they've worked hard at getting all sorted. The people who lived at the house before them left a whole bunch of garden toys, including a massive trampoline and a few ride on tractors. They are a bit beaten up, but Theo gets so excited that he literally wants to spend all his time out in the garden. It does make me long to move to the countryside so we can have a more of a garden, but that's a long way off.

The next day we woke up early to a crisp sunny day and rob and I went for a quick run together. I then got ready to go and get a massage! So even though I've moaned about not getting anything from Rob, I still had a nice break in the morning...I went to a training college, where they do treatments for a fraction of a price as the practitioners are still  learning. But that doesn't mean it wasn't any good, it was really good and only cost me £7! I met my Mum afterwards who had been looking after Theo, we went for a cup of tea and a look round the charity shops before going home again. It all sounds pretty idyllic and it was until our pram decided to break leaving us stranded with a broken we then spent the afternoon trawling round a retail park trying to find a substitute for the weekend. Not so ideal.

But we got it sorted and headed back to Bristol, leaving Theo with my mum. We went to a wedding reception in the evening, a nice excuse to get dressed up and wear some lipstick! The rest of the weekend went by in a busy blur of having a much needed lie in, a trip to Ikea, sorting out the last remaining boxes from our move and hanging some pictures  On Saturday evening we went to the pub (such a luxury) had some drinks and had a good old plan for our forthcoming wedding, which is all booked...

oh crap!

no no, don't get me wrong, I'm very excited, but I'm also pretty scared!

But we had a great weekend, and even though we didn't do anything wildly romantic, just being able to spend some time together without any other distractions was really important, more important than a big teddy bear and a "i love you" cushion...but still some flowers wouldn't go a miss...


  1. I know how you feel, there is just something about flowers isn't there! I now buy them for myself :)


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