So as I mentioned below last week Theo and I took a trip to London for a little adventure. We last went to London on my birthday and we visited the Science Museum but unfortunately Theo fell asleep before we could explore the garden part of the museum, which is designed for under 5s with loads of water and sensory bits for them to go wild in, so we really wanted to go back and visit. It was also a few of my friends birthdays in January, and I wanted to try and make it to London to see them for a little bit! Sarah mentioned to me a while back that if I visited London to let her know so we could have more hang outs, so of course I did, and we met at the Science museum.

Theo and I took the train to London, as there was no way I was going to sit for over three hours on a confined stuffy coach with a very active and restless toddler, so for a little under a tenner more for the train, and half the journey time and a certain little someones love of trains, it was a clear winner.

He was ridiculously excited the whole journey, I literally had to hold him down on his seat to stop him jumping around, but every station we stopped at he waved and shouted "woooo-woooo all aboard!" ...luckily there weren't that many people around us. We arrived and more excitement as we traveled by tube, and met Sarah and Stanley all a bit flustered! After a quick snack (Theo 'sharing' Stanleys fruit...) we started exploring. Both boys were obsessed with the engines and trains, which gave Sarah and I a chance to have a little catch up, before we hit up the garden!

I think that the boys remembered each other from Sarah's visit to Bristol a few months back, because straight away they got on really well, showing each other different bits to play with, and following each other around...that was until they discovered some silly plastic wheelbarrows (those damn wheelbarrows) and sharing wasn't as easy... so after running round, chatting and one very wet sleeve, we decided to move onto a less hectic area. The garden was brilliant though, I don't think Theo really wanted to leave, and would have probably be happy to stay by the water the whole day!

Sarah and I sat on the floor chatting away whilst they ran around chasing the dots having a whale of a time. This is only the second time that I've 'met' Sarah in person, but of course through knowing each other online I feel like I know her a hell of a lot more than just meeting her twice. There were a million things I wanted to talk to her about, but time went so quickly and there were little ones to run around after, but the time we did spend talking was great, just makes me wish we all lived a little closer! It be amazing to have more play dates...and definitely mamma drinking dates!

 by the end these two were thick as thieves, walking around holding hands and giving each other multiple hugs and kisses, it really was the sweetest thing! But soon it was time to leave, and Theo desperately needed a nap. I headed to the V&A whilst Theo napped, looked a photography exhibition quickly before resting my tired legs with tea and the biggest slice of carrot cake.

My friend Jonny came to meet me and we made our way back to his flat in Harringay, to spend a relaxed evening in. I was so drained by the journey and the antics that we were in bed by ten! But Theo was way to excited to go to bed on time and ended up staying up with me entertaining and being the centre of attention as usual!

 The next day we woke to a lovely sunny London day, and after a relaxed breakfast and a play made our way to the National Portrait Gallery to have a look at the photography exhibition I mentioned before. We took the bus over, but ended up having to walk the rest of the way, which was great. Theo was asleep so we made our way through the backstreets taking in the buildings and the sunshine, peering in a few shops and chatting before arriving at Trafalgar square. Theo slept through the whole exhibition, and woke up when we went for a sit down in the square. He ran around gleefully chasing pigeons with his horse, meeting the lions and playing in the fountain.

After our little runaround we made our way to Paddington to catch our train home again. It was a short but very sweet trip to London, just the right amount of London that I can deal with. I hope to make lots more little trips to London, and hopefully meet up with more lovely internet friends! (hola london mammas!)


  1. Lovely photos abbi, so glad you took some. Let's meet up again soon! x

  2. Ahhh lovely photos! Would love to get in involved in any future london visits!


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