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phew it's been a while hasn't it? I was aiming to do one of these when he turned two, but as always I didn't quite get round to it...

So here we go, we reached the terrible twos, but for now (obviously in a few months I'm going to look back at this post and want to punch my past self in the face) things seem to be ok...no terrible tantrums as of yet, but then again we are only a few weeks in! So mainly our introduction to the twos has been pretty good!

Theo is talking so much, and picking up new words all the time. He has never really been a parrot when talking, but I can hear him start to repeat words and sound them out just after I say them to him. Once he gets stuck on a new phrase or word that will be it for the next few days,  for example once I exclaimed that he had cold hands, and straight away after he repeated 'colds ands' and all day...and the day after. He's getting pretty good at putting words together, and knows different associations with them, for example if we talk about an airplane he'll then say in the sky...etc. He likes to name as many things as possible, and will always ask for things with words, and understands when we ask him to do or get something. This language part is so exciting to watch, because I feel like we can finally sort of see what is going on in his head a little bit more, and the things he gets excited about and wants to talk about.

His favourite games at the moment are jumping on the bed, playing nun-nights (I mentioned this before about finding bed like places and pretending to go to sleep, genius), puppets (he'll do anything the puppet asks him to do), puzzles, peep-o and all ones which involve making load noises and screeching! He also still loves playing with his trains, and loves anything that is tunnel like, Rob and Theo play a game which involves a train being put through items of clothing, like a sleeve or trouser leg and waiting for it to come out the other end...

Theo is still as confident as ever and will say and wave hello at lots of people, he'll always say goodbye, and to people he knows well this means a kiss and a cuddle. He loves older children too and will follow them around hoping they notice him, and a recent obsession has started with babies....

He's a little obsessed with me at the moment, when he wakes up I hear him calling mummy mummy, then he joins us in bed for a morning cuddle and for the rest of the day just wants to be in the same place as me, to be carried and to be cuddled. Of course sometimes I want my space, but really I'm trying to embrace this phase as much as possible because it's nice to feel wanted and loved, and that might not last forever!

In terms of eating things are still pretty good, he knows what breakfast, lunch and dinner are, and will sit and feed himself all his meals pretty much. He's learnt what cake is and ask for it on a daily basis, and if he sees a tin that they're usually kept him them he'll find a way to get it down...need to start hiding them better or just not having cake in the house! We were in a cafe the other day and he started yelling 'mummy cake' over and over again... He's also a little obsessed with biscuits and dunking them in tea. When he sees a mug he'll instantly proclaim 'hot tea!' and want a biscuit to dunk in it, he's tried some of my tea too (redbush not any caffeine!) and seems to quite like it.

He loves going for walks at the moment and running up and down the hill, but he hates to have dirty hands. In fact if we are at home or at playgroup he will deliberately dirty his hands just so he can wash them...I know that it doesn't make sense, but he really loves washing them.

At bedtime he loves to be read to, and his current favourites are: Green eggs and ham, the gruffalos child, this moose belongs to me and the train goes. He will point and tell you which books he wants, and says again to repeat it. Bedtime is the only time he'll stay still enough to read a whole book, he prefers to browse through books in the day (as he has a pretty short attention span!) He loves doing puzzles whether they be real or on the ipad, and is pretty good at memory games. Speaking of memory I'm constantly surprised about how much he remembers, he can remember every person who he's met and knows the name of, he remembers every place that he's ever played in and remembers story lines from books and Thomas episodes. He's learning some songs too at the moment, and the other day I heard him sort of singing twinkle twinkle. His all time favourite song is sleeping bunnies, probably because he gets to pretend to sleep for half of it (weirdo) he also likes row row the boat!

His colours are pretty good, he knows blue, yellow, orange, red, white, brown and green, even though he says 'green man' for everything that he sees as green, because he loves the green man when crossing the road. He always wants to press the button on the crossing and will eagerly await the sight of the green go man! His favourite numbers (and the only ones he can say) are 2, 6, 7, 8 and 10 and his only letter so far is o...but we're getting there!

That's all I can really think of at the moment, I need to start writing things down more often to remember things as they happen, or do these posts more regularly as there are always things I think about writing about and then forget! doh!


  1. Such a lovely update. That photo of Theo post fall in the mud makes me chuckle every time. His expression is priceless and its a photo he will cherish for life!

    1. heheh thanks! I felt mean for about a second, then I looked at the photo and was so glad I'd taken it, of course I gave him a massive cuddle straight after and then he was fine a minute later anyway!

  2. I refuse to believe in terrible twos, I love this age SO much, I'm missing it even though we are still in it if you know what I mean.
    So many similarities between Henry and Theo, he too loves tunnels and has started singing songs to himself, is very random with his counting, not so good on colours... but the language developing is the best. I should get around to noting it all down, you are so good with your updates!

    1. I'm pretty terrible at remembering all the little things, Rob read it and told me a few colours that he'd forgotten and a few letters that he knows too, but it doesn't really matter all that much. It's just going to be so lovely to read back in a few years and remember just the little moments!

      I was gutted to hear that I missed your London meet up by a few days, will definitely have to arrange another one soon as it will be so nice to meet you and see our little ones playing! x

  3. i'm not looking forward to the terrible twos, we're 2 months away and every so often we get a glimpse of the future but not for long (phew!)

    Silas is also cake & biscuit obsessed. Every time i have a cup of tea or say shall we have tea he shouts 'bisc' and he can spot a cake a mile off. I blame the grandparents;)

    It's such an exciting time, Silas surprises me with new words everyday. It's amazing how much they pick up without you even realising. Current favourite word he says at every opportunity is 'aaalllright' literally all the time... Silas shall we read a book? aaaalrrright, would you like a drink? aaalright! makes me chuckle. He also says good bye to everything including our toes?!!! and random objects. Love it :)


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