yikes, I'm so behind on updating our Christmas time! Here are a few photos from my birthday trip to London. When I was little we used to go up to London to look at the lights on Oxford street and to visit Hamleys. Sometimes we'd go up for the whole day, or sometimes just the evening, but I always remember being filled with so much awe at the size of the buildings and the busy streets. We wanted to go back and to show Theo the same things, but believe me it's very different through an adults eyes...regent Street and Hamleys on a Sunday two days before Christmas is not a good idea! But none the less we battled through the crowds and had a look around and Theo had fun running riot in Hamleys. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself, first things first we traveled to the V&A museum, Theo got to ride the tube which he was very excited about! We had tea and cake in the cafe, had a quick look around the fashion exhibition, before making our way to the Science Museum.

I haven't been there for years and was really excited to take Theo, we of course took time looking through the airplanes, trains, cars and tractor hall before visiting a few of the other areas. We watched an amazing bubble show, but I missed the best bit at the end, where a man was put inside a bubble?! I know, gutted...but Theo had finally tired himself out! We also missed going into the Garden, which is a giant play area for little ones, with lots of climbing and water...think we might have to plan another trip just to go and play here, it looked amazing! My favourite part was probably the around the home exhibition, with rows and rows of household appliances displayed through the ages, don't ask me why but I love that sort of thing! 

By the time we got out it was getting dark, so we made our way over to Regent Street. It was a fun, but as always in London such a tiring day. I had a nice birthday, but it didn't really feel a whole lot like it. I didn't have that same sort of special feeling that I used to have, even up to a couple of years ago. Perhaps because most of the day was arranged around Theo that I sort of didn't have time to think or feel about my birthday! Poor me...sob sob.

p.s yes that is Theo's face drawn in sand by a robot...


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