baby it's cold outside...

So finally it happened, we got the snow I was hoping for! This winter, like every winter, I've been like a child slyly peeping through the curtains every morning to check whether it's snowed or not. Even though I'm an adult and can check the weather (which I do constantly) I still check just to make sure it hasn't by suprise! I hope this is something that Theo does as he grows up, as it really is the best when you peep through and realise that your world has been coated in white.

Luckily it was Rob's day off work anyway yesterday, so we wrapped up warm and headed out into the fluttering snow and made our way to a cafe to have breakfast.

 After breakfast Rob had a much needed haircut, before all the shops shut! We headed back home, dumped the buggy (bad idea in this weather!) and swapped our mode of transport for a sledge. Round the corner from us is the perfect sledging arena, and when we arrived it had already been well used!

We made snow angels, sledged down the hills and pushed around the giant snowball!

There's quite a few photos, but please click on to see them all!

Rob did most of the sledging with Theo, whilst I took videos. I wasn't sure how Theo would take to it, but he had a lot of fun whizzing down the hill! (as well as Rob, obviously)

 We had a little play in the snow, before all getting a bit too cold and tired so we turned back home for a warm bath, hot chocolate, a fire, sofa snuggles and a nap!

Hope you all had a fun day, and continue to this weekend! Don't think there is any more snow forecast for the next few days, so we're going to make the most of it and build a snowman in the garden!

Have fun, stay warm and safe everyone!


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