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It's getting closer and closer to Friday, and I'm getting sad. The last time we moved I wasn't sad, I really wanted to get out of the place we were in and to have our own house. We've been really lucky with our place here, with the landlord and the house in general. But that's not what makes me sad really. Yes the house is lovely, and in good condition and I'm sad about loosing our dishwasher, but I think I'm sad because so much as happened in this house.

Firstly we've been here for a year, which is a MASSIVE achievement for us! And if this house were in the location we are moving too, then it would be perfect. Our new house is pretty much perfect, but when we went to look at it again on Monday it just didn't feel as nice. I was getting worried that the house wouldn't be as nice as this one and that we were making a mistake, but then I realised it wasn't actually about the house itself, it's just that it wasn't our house or home (yet). But it will be. The main reasons I'm sad to leave this place is because of all the memories it holds for us, and I guess those are the things that make a home right?

We've been here a year, and pretty much seen Theo grow from and one year old to a two year old. From a baby to a toddler. We've had his first steps shortly after we moved, his first Christmas, his first birthday (with a LOT of friends crammed in!), his first words. He's moved into his own room, started sleeping at night, we stopped breastfeeding here, he started eating properly here...blah blah. Those have all been memorable things and milestones that he has reached and they all belong to this house, these walls have witnessed these things. Aside from the big things it's just held so much, all the times we laughed at silly things Theo did, all the times we had fights, all the fun things we've done, and it's been here safe and welcoming from our adventures. So it feels weird to leave.

I felt this after we left our first flat, which was for me a big occasion. It was our first home together, just Rob and I, then shortly after we welcomed Theo into our home and saw our lives change forever. It just held so much importance and memory, and will always stay with me, whatever house we move to. I feel like this with this house too, I may not in a few years when all the memories blur into one, but this house, this year has just been such a momentous one.

So I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you for having has. We will miss you!

But on to the next adventure, and making a new house into our humble home.


  1. The flip side is that you'll be able to place your memories in time better as they will be tied to the house if you get what I mean? We moved when Coco was 18 months and I felt quite sad about leaving our first family home - hope it all goes well tomorrow!

  2. When are you going to update your blog with your new house?! Miss reading!



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