Westonbirt arboretum

 After seeing these wonderful photos over on Bristol parenting cafe's blog, I knew that I had to visit Westonbirt Arboretum at some point soon, especially to see all the beautiful trees in full autumn glory.

Rob had the day off on Tuesday, and looking at the weather forecast I knew that if we were going to go on some sort of outing, it would have to be then. I woke up with adventure in my veins, and on days like this if I don't get out and do something well, adventurous, then I go mad. On the off chance we rang up Rob's mum to see if she wanted to join us, and she did and especially because her sister was down to visit for a few days, and she was dieing to see Theo again! So we headed over there and then drove a short way to the Arboretum. It was pretty busy when we arrived, it being half term and all, but as we arrived later in the afternoon it soon quietened down. The afternoon sun shining through the trees cast the wood in such a beautiful light, it was so peaceful just to walk around and take it all in.

Theo's had a cold all this week, so I wanted him to get some fresh air, but he hadn't slept much, and slept late so when he woke up he was in a fairly upset mood, which continued for most of the way round. He did perk up after some snacks and a few games of peekaboo and kicking his football around though, which was nice to see!

As always I took about a kazillion photos, and I'm terrible at choosing, but if you can hold on through a few more we got to the best bit of the trail at the end, the Acer trees! As soon as we turned the corner the colours stood out and invited you to go and stand underneath their canopy's. Going at this time of year is surely worth it to see nature in all its glory. I'm sure it's beautiful all year round, and especially in the snow, but as you already know Autumn always manages to make me feel in awe of nature.

It started to get a little dark and cold, so we revived ourselves with some hot drinks and of course some cake, before heading back home.

It was such a lovely afternoon out, breathing in the fresh cold air, and getting rosy cheeks. I would love to visit more often, but it's a tad expensive to visit regularly, except for special days out! But I'm so glad we did come up and visit this time to catch all the trees.

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  1. Poor Theo, I hope he feel better soon. You look beautiful in these pictures, like a character out of Downton Abbey! xxx

  2. I remember visiting Westonbirt with school. There's some trees in there somewhere, that you can punch really hard & it doesn't hurt because the bark is all soft & springy. Google suggests it's the Giant Redwood, but the name left my memory a long time ago, alongside a lot of other stuff I learned at school. I just remembered punching a tree.

    I love the colours in your photos, the red is astounding.

    1. Hahah, that's a funny lesson to teach kids, try and punch some trees?! Shame we didn't try that one!

      Thanks, but I can't really take any credit, the trees did all the hard work!

  3. Beautiful photos! The one of theo is funny, 4th down - he looks like he is thinking "oh mummy you are so silly with all this peekaboo"!

    1. Haha I know! The stuff we do to make the, laugh ey? It stopped him whingeing for all of about 2 minutes...


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