this weekend

 Phew! This weekend has been a busy one, but lots of fun!

On Friday (because that's when our weekend starts) we did a whole load more sorting of the house, and squeezed in a little trip to Ikea, we love Ikea!

On Saturday we headed over to Rob's parents and walked into town to meet up with his Gran, Aunty and cousin for a girls afternoon out of watching the Lion King at the Hippodrome. The ticket was my Christmas present, and it was great to get together with Robs family, and feel part of it! I'm not a huge theatre goer (money and time!) but I've heard such good things about the Lion King that I thought the experience would be worth it. And we certainly weren't disappointed! I thought it was pretty bloody good. The costumes and the music were amazing, and the way the dancers used their whole bodies to move and portray their animal was incredible! It was a pretty enthralling watch, and not at all cheesy as some musicals can be, I would recommend going to see it!I I wish I could have taken photos but alas you're not allowed, I did think about sneaking one of the life sized elephant that made its way down the aisle through the crowd...

After this we met up with Rob, Theo and his dad (the boys) and went out to eat some pizza. It was a pretty tiring day, but was really good fun!

Today, after what seemed like the longest morning ever, due to the extra hour we headed into the center for a day out at @bristol. I've never been before, and was waiting until Theo was old enough to appreciate it, but wanted to go before he was two and still free. So when Rob's cousin said that she wanted to go, I was really glad because it was a great excuse to finally go! I love science museums, I turn into a kid and want to press all the buttons and do all the experiments myself...I shoved a few children out the way....not really, but I could have done! Anyway...we had a lot of fun and Theo really enjoyed it too, obviously he didn't really get the experiments and what he was doing, but he still had fun running around and pushing buttons, turning wheels and pushing levers. His favourite part must have been putting balls into a big long suction tube and watching them travel over his head and then be deposited back at the beginning. We played with this for a good 15 minutes! We/I also really enjoyed making GIANT bubbles, that was fun!

I unfourtunalty forgot my camera, so only took a few (in bad light with a running toddler) on my phone...wish I had captured some better photos, oh well!

But we had a lot of fun, despite Theo suffering with a bit of a cold and having a mini melt down after lunch. He loved seeing his granny as usual and it was really lovely to see him being looked after and played with by his second cousin. I can't wait to go back more and more as Theo grows up!

I'm off to go get snuggly and warm as it's horribly wet and cold outside...brrrrrrr!


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