ich bin ein berliner...

 yes really!

So we're home, all unpacked and reunited with the doppernator. We missed him greatly, but it's funny how quickly you can slip into a different life without them by your side, and how normal it felt just to be seen as young people rather than parents. It was fun, relaxing and let us have some good quality time together to talk about things other than whose turns it was to wipe Theo's bum...it was good for that short period of time, but I was happy to get back to him and my role as a parent a little bit.

We had such a super time though! It all went pretty fast, and I didn't take nearly as many photos to document it all properly, but I think we were too busy having a good time!

On the evening we arrived we set down our things at Robyns apartment in Neukölln, had a catch up before heading out for food and beer locally. We settled for a small tapas bar (I know I know we were in Germany!) but it looked great and Robyn had heard good things about it. We certainly weren't disappointed, we drank good beer, ate very good tapas and chatted lots. I unfortunately don't have any photos of any of the bars we went to because one, we were having too much fun and two, they are all very dimly lit by candle light and were often pretty smoky! After food we decided to head to another bar, where we drank more beer and chatted and laughed lots. We stayed out a little later than expected, but it's hard to stop and be sensible when it's your first night in the city and you are having such a lovely time! I loved the bars around this area, as they are all pretty simple, just rustic open spaces, with odd furniture and good atmospheres and drinks...how it should be I think!

The next day was Rob's birthday, and as Robyn had to do a little work we headed out to the centre to do some of the tourist stuff and get it out the way. It rained in the morning so our visits to the Brandenburg tor, Reichstag and the Jewish memorial were pretty brief, but enjoyable. We then headed to a Oranienburger Strasse to have a walk around and grab some kebabs (a must in Berlin!). After this we walked around the streets and ambled our way to Alexanderplatz, before making our way to Weinmeisterstraße to look in a few shops and take a well deserved break in a cafe.

We met up with Robyn and headed home to get ready (and have a nap) before going out again for the evening. My other friend who lives in Berlin came over for dinner and we drank some beers before heading out after 10pm. Which is possibly the best thing about the European lifestyle, there's no rush to go out early and drink as much as you possibly can in a few short hours, as most of the bars stay open until the last punter leaves. We walked to a few bars around Tempelhof, which were much like the bars the previous night before, and we're both really great. We played cards, chatted and you guessed it, drank good and some local beer (really local). We somehow didn't end up getting home until about 5am, something I have not done in a long while. We certainly paid for it the next day! I really can't handle hangovers anymore...

 The next morning (no wait it was more like the afternoon!) we strolled out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine, such perfect Autumn weather! We went to Tempelhof airfield which has been converted into a park, with community gardens to blow our hangovers away. It's such a beautiful place, and a great luxury to be able to step out onto it and see for miles around you, right in the centre of a city.

We ate amazing 1 euro falafel kebabs, and headed to Friedrichshain to look around the shops, visit the East Side gallery on the Berlin wall oh and to have a little gander in the four story charity shop....where I had leave behind a coat (and a little piece of my heart). We took some photos in a photobooth, before heading over to Kreuzburg for a traditional German dinner. Rob tried Schnitzel, but I stayed a little safe with roasted chicken, which was delicious! Wish I'd taken photos in this place, it was an amazing building and I could imagine the place being the same for generations. We called it night after that, as we were all longing for our beds!

Our flight on Friday weren't until late afternoon, so we made the most of our time and went out for Früstuck, after walking along the canal in yet more lovely sunshine!

The food was so good, if I could go back right now for one of those pretzels I totally would, plus try all the other flavours...mmmmmmm

Oh Berlin, you've done it again, you've managed to steal my heart a little bit more! We had such a great time, and I really really enjoyed catching up with my friends, talking, laughing and reminiscing about our university days.

Until next time, tchüss!


  1. Oh I love Berlin! The last time we went was in November and the autumnal colours were beautiful. Looking at your pictures is making me want to go back so much!


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