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Can you tell I'm a little bit obsessed with Autumn? It's my favourite season, (as well as Spring, well lets just say the transitional seasons are my favourite, ok?)

Autumn always comes at the right time, just when you are bored of the disappointing summer and have given up all hope, we are suddenly blessed with gloriously sunny days which are the perfect not too hot temperature. Then we are treated to the beautiful colours exploding all around us, making concentrating on much else pretty difficult. The nights draw in, and it's time to pull on our cardigans and boots and breathe in the fresh air, peppered with the smell of bonfires. I really do love it!

I was asked if I would feature a little post about going out to enjoy the change of seasons and all the adventures you can get up to, which sounded like fun with some great ideas, so of course Theo and I took the opportunity to go on a little woodland walk! We drove up to Leigh Woods, and put on our boots (any excuse for Theo to wear his new ones!) and went for a little potter around in the beautiful autumnal sunshine.

An autumn motoring adventure
Autumn is a season of spectacular sunsets and quickly closing night skies. Clear, crisp nights when stars shine brighter and walks to school are drenched in spooky morning mists.
Deep red berries, crunchy nuts and seeds to toast are available in abundance and most excitingly, British wildlife begins to busy build food stocks for a cosy hibernation.
When little voices question, “What are we doing today?” and hot and busy beaches are a fading memory, pack the car with welly boots, hats, gloves and a camera, and drive to the countryside for a woodland walk.

 Spiders in the meadow
Hunting in hedgerows, you’ll find more than hedgehogs. Perfect for blackberrying and subsequent crumbles, bushes on the edge of farmland, fields and forests are full of wildlife.
Garden spiders’ silk webs are clearly visible in the chilly autumn climate – their intricacies can be perfectly captured using a macro function on any digital camera.

Woodland wonder
The deepest, thickest forests of rural Britain are full of fun and adventure.
Piles of auburn, gold leaves are ripe for splashing in to reveal the large curling fungi are pushing up from the damp earth (don’t be tempted to nibble!). Chestnuts are plump for roasting and conkers hide in leafy blankets, in wait for collection.
For returning visits, pick a nice spot and build a woodpile habitat. Create a snug using small logs so that wildlife, such as hedgehogs, might use it throughout the winter.

 Hillside haven
For panoramic views, or taking in the autumn equinox, take a short trip up a hillside in the late afternoon. Birds fly in flocks at this time of year, so find a quiet spot with a big sky and watch rooks and such flood the sky, looking for a place to roost.
Wrap up warm in hats, gloves and scarves for the twilight walk back to the car; keep a torch handy in your pocket for when the evening draws in.

Be prepared, take a rucksack
When zipping off into the unknown for foresting, wildlife watching, nest building or fruit picking, make sure you are prepared for a full day out:
  • Take a fully charged mobile phone, a car charger and adapter.
  • Prior to the trip, check the weather so you don’t get caught out.
  • Fill a thermos flask of hot chunky-veg soup, tea, coffee or even bovril and a lunchbox full of crusty, buttered rolls for an autumnal picnic lunch.
  • Bring clean beach buckets to collect conkers, chestnuts or blackberries.
  • A torch for twilight walks (and memorise a spooky story).
  • Digital camera for nature documentary.
  • Take maps or GPS for orienteering up hillsides and navigating around country lanes.
  • Don’t forget some warm, snuggly, waterproof clothes and wellies.
  • Rediscover your sense of adventure.

For added peace of mind, don’t forget to check your>car insurance
  policy and breakdown cover, and ensure you have a full tank, plus a good supply of oil and water


  1. such dreamy photos. autumn always takes my breath away, especially autumn in the woods.

    1. I know, it's just so irresistible at the moment!

  2. I love Autumn too! This post has made me want to get outside NOW!

    1. yey that's good, that's what I would hope it would do!

  3. With you on the transitional seasons. It's that mid January cold grey thing I'm not such a fan of. Your little man is getting so grown up!


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