a weekly round up

It's been a bit quiet around here, as it's been a bit of a strange week to be honest. We've been trying to get back into the swing of things after our little trip away, except that Rob hasn't been very well so has been off work, so that's thrown us all a little bit more. We've been busy catching up with friends, sorting out the house (we donated over four bags of clothes and kitchen stuff to a charity shop today!) and have been doing a bit of shopping!

Yesterday we went on a little trip down to Somerset to visit Rob's Grandma who was visiting her siblings down there. We drove to Street where we did a little shopping in Clarks village (which has lots of outlet stores, lots of bargains!) then carried on to Glastonbury to visit more relatives. It was lovely to meet some more of Robs family, and for them to meet Theo for the first time. He's a very lucky to have such a loving family around him. Today we met up with some friends and went on a walk around Leigh Woods, which was great to get some fresh air, even though Theo had woken up in a grump and decided that he didn't like mud and wanted to be carried most of the way (my poor back!) The rest of the time we've been hanging out at home, going to playgroups and swimming as usual.

Next week we're gearing up continue sorting and packing, and start thinking about Christmas! Like I said it's going to be a busy few months, so bear with us, I'll try and be here as much as possible...

Hope everyone had a great week too, what you all get up to?


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