This Friday marked the start of Rob's new shift patterns, which means he has every Friday and Saturday off now. It's a vast improvement to his old job where he had to work without doubt every weekend. So we decided to mark it with doing something exciting and a bit last minute.

I've never been to Weston before, and it's our nearest main seaside town. Rob had some reservations, as he's been before, but not for a long while. The weather wasn't the best, but the rain did manage to hold off for most of the day so we could enjoy a look around the steam funfare and have a ride on the donkeys!

Weston isn't the prettiest but I love the seaside, not really the beach, but seaside towns, and in fact, sometimes the tackier they are, the better! I get all over excited like a child and rush around wanting to look at everything. The steam funfare was amazing, full of vintage rides and an arcade, and you know how much I love vintage amusements!

After the funfare we went to look at the donkeys on the beach. I've always known they had donkey rides at Weston, but thought Theo would be way too young, but apparently not! So on he hopped onto a donkey named midnight and we took a little stroll along the beach!

We then headed into the new pier, which is pretty over whelming to say the least! It has three floors, which includes a go-karting track?! We had a quick look around before heading into town for some fish and chips and a look around the charity shops.

We had such a lovely trip, even though it was a little dreary, it just felt good to have a proper family day out!


  1. Such beautiful photos, I love to look of all the old rides and arcades. Theo must have loved the Donkey ride!

  2. These photographs are absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. Love the roundabout with the Austin J40 pedal cars. These were much sought after when I was a child and I had a friend with one. They were very expensive and even came with a working radio and headlights! They were made by disabled ex miners in South Wales between 1948 and early 70's

  4. What fun adventures with your family. So happy to have found your blog!


    1. hi! thanks so much, it's always lovely to get new readers, especially those with great blogs too! will go and have a proper look around yours too, very exciting! x


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