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Since the sun has been shining we've been trying to get out and make the most of it, because as you all know our summers aren't the most reliable of things, and no-one ever knows how long the sun will shine for. So you have to grab the chance to get out!

We've been trying to go to places we, or I have never been before and so far we have been rewarded. The great thing I love about the sunny weather is that it opens up to opportunity to get out and do things that are free, great when you don't have money to spend on activities! And luckily Bristol seems to have an abundance of great walks and places to visit, just outside of the city centre. We also have been trying to discover places closer to our side of the city, as we still don't know it all that well.

First off on Thursday we headed into Clifton to visit a potential wedding venue...(eeek) The weather was baking so we made the visit brief. We then headed out to Conham Park, next to Hanham to visit Beeses tea gardens and walk along the river. (thanks to a friend for the tip!) It was so lovely to suddenly be out of the city and walking through the trees along the river, where people were fishing and swimming. We then had to get a little boat across the river to the tea garden! (25p each way!)

Yesterday Rob had to work in the morning, and I stayed in. By the time he got home I had that horrible over-bored feeling, where you know you need to get out the house and do something, but you have no idea what you want to do, and even when things are suggested you don't feel like doing anything. It's horrible, I utterly hate that feeling, and I really need to stop letting myself get into them. Sometimes I find it hard to properly motivate myself and get going. Especially on the weekends when Rob works, as I feel a little tired of having to plan fun days for Theo and myself all week and then have to find something to do on alone on the weekends too, it just seems too much. I feel like I'm being a bad mum on days like these, I don't have to energy or inspiration to do fun things with Theo at home or out. Going out to places with Theo is often quite a lot of hard work, especially by myself, as I have to chase him around everywhere and never stop really! He is one full one little toddler. So sometimes it all just falls apart a little bit. Does anyone else have days like these?

But anyway, we eventually managed to get out and Rob suggested we go to Snuff Mills, which was exactly what I needed. It was close by and beautiful. It's amazing how quickly your bad mood and fuzzy head can be lifted by the calm of the woods and the river. There were plenty of people walking and fishing here too, and it just felt so relaxed.

(sorry for the low quality images, I took my camera but forgot the memory card! doh! So these are from my iphone!) 

I'm looking forward to more adventures soon, so please hold out sunshine! 


  1. camera or not you have such an "eye" for a photo, don't waste your talent use it to your advantage.

  2. I agree with Papa Oliver... lovely pics!


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