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So Theo's been in his own room for a month or so now, and even though we've moved some furniture around and put a few things up on the walls, we have yet to make his room really his space.

When Theo was born or actually before he was born we never went through that whole decorating his nursery thing. Mainly because we were either planning to live at Robs parents house, or eventually moved to our own one bedroom flat where we planned on Theo staying in the same room as us for at least 6 months. Even when we moved to a slighty bigger flat with supposedly two bedrooms, we never moved him into the second bedroom because as time went on it became apparent the room wasn't suitable. And then even when we moved to the house where we are now, which has a lovely second bedroom, that was previously a toddler boy nursery too, we still didn't move him into his own room. I just didn't feel right, until one day it did. Theo adjusted pretty well to the move, and it's been great to have our bedroom back.

But now I really want to decorate it, sort it out and make it fun (and a little bit pretty...) All of his toys are still downstairs in the house, and they are slowly taking over all of it, so it would be great to move some of them upstairs and get some nifty sort of storage, as well as moving the tipi upstairs to make a proper den.

So of course I've been scouring Pinterest for the last few days, and you can see my bedroom board here. But I've picked out some of my favourites to share with you.

I love the grown up feel of these bedrooms, with light airy spaces but with splashes of fun colours. I love shelves of trinkets and books, and interesting vintage frames on the walls. I want to get Theo a sweet small little desk and chair too, to sit and read or draw. Soft furnishings, toys and rugs add a cozy element and still keep it a little childish.

I'm not sure how long we'll be in our house (as you know we love to move...) but for now I want to make Theo's space fun, interesting and his, and if we eventually do move I would love a room which could grow and change with him.

Do you have ideas or inspiration to share? Please do!


  1. Not thst i'm in a rush to get her out of our room but I can't wait for Amelie to go into her nursery so I can have fun styling it all! we rent too so there's limits on what you can do. Think I'll get lost in pinterest inspiration in the meantime.


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