Out and About: Badgers Hill

I thought I would go back to my trip to Kent to share with you some photos from the wonderful Badgers Hill.

I've visited a few times before when spending time with my sister, as it was always a short drive away from Canterbury, and a great place to spend the afternoon. The place is an amazing eclectic mix or farm shop, petting farm, cafe and wooden statues, wind chimes and trinkets galore! Now that my sister has moved to the countryside, Badgers Hill is a very short drive away, and even walkable (if it wasn't threatening to tip it down!) So on my last morning we took a trip there before I headed off home, as we knew Theo would love it, and it would be good for him to have a little run around before the long car journey. And we were right, he loved it, and so did I!

First we fed the chickens and the geese (probably the best fed and happiest chickens around!) Before having a little peek around the farm shop...

Did I mention they make their own cider and apple juice too? Well they do.

We stopped for a little big bite to eat, as they do in fact serve the best ploughmans you have ever seen or eaten, the bread was still warm. Theo got to sit in an amazing vintage highchair in the greenhouse with grapevines creeping inside, it was all very lovely! They also have a bit where there are lots and lots of wind chimes hanging up of various sizes, and seeing as Theo loves making music we had so much fun showing him all the different notes. It really is beautiful!

Lastly we had a walk around the rest of the 'farm' and to see the donkeys. It was such a lovely way to end a great little trip to Kent.

It reminds me of when I worked in the farm shop where my mum used to live, which was the most perfect little job! I would love to work at a farm shop/city farm/ outdoor type place again, or even eventually run my own! I know I know, dream on...


  1. Oh I miss working here! So pleased you took Theo there, xxx

  2. What a place! Looks lovely & that ploughmans is insane!!


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