Theo is teething again, and it's ouch for him, and ouch for us.

 He had a temperature on Sunday night and it lasted all of Monday too. I got him checked out at the doctors, but there wasn't much really wrong with him, best to be safe though right? Luckily the temperature has gone down now (with thanks to nurafen) but we're still battling! He's waking up all the time at night, refusing to eat much, is a dribble monster and wants to nurse or be carried ALL day. This afternoon he woke up from his nap and I literally couldn't put him down for over an hour, there have been tears, lots of tears. He seems to be cutting four teeth all at once again, so I can see why he's in pain, poor thing. But it's hard... I want my normal happy toddler back!

 Yesterday we spent most of the day cuddling, but took a quick trip to ikea and shared an ice cream to take our mind of it! Today we managed to go swimming, but I feel like I have zero energy to be fun with him, I just hope those pesky teeth hurry up and push through before the weekend! (this weekend is my Mums wedding so it's going to be busy and tiring and not a lot of fun with a clingy whingy bebe)

I'm so excited about this weekend to see my Mum get married and I get to see both my sisters in one place! The other day I was thinking it's strange as Theo will recognise both my sisters, but has only ever seen them separately, I don't think he has ever seen them at the same time (apart from when he was born) and then for them to be in the same place, might blow his mind! I wonder at what age they start to figure out how people are connected, and who is his family and from which side. Anyway I digress... So it's been a little quiet around here, and we've got a busy rest of the week lined up but I'll try to drop in! Fingers crossed the suffering ends soon!


  1. Oh bless Theo, I hope he feels better for Saturday. Am looking forward to seeing you all. Its going to be a lovely day x

  2. Its not just Theo that would have his mind blown to see you all together, it would be nice to have that experience myself, maybe one day. I m looking forward to see Sarah next week, its over 2 years since I saw her. I hope you all have a nice day saturday. Love Dad xxx


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