holiday part ii

Sorry it's been so quiet around here again (yet another enforced internet break!)

After we arrived home on Friday we had a really busy day Saturday running errands like food shopping and picking up Alma cat. We did go and see Rob's parents (Alma's cat-sitters) and went to a small beer festival at a pub with them, and it was really nice to sit and relax in a beer garden and listen to the live band (of which Theo was their biggest fan, the only one standing in front of the stage and having a proper little boogie, this boys got some moves!)

Rob had to go back to work on Sunday, so I headed across to my sisters in Kent a day earlier than planned. More on that later, as it was a fun filled, but oh so tiring trip. I wish we lived nearer to her, or SHE moved HERE because Theo does love his aunty so.

But anyway back to the holiday! Still can't believe I haven't really posted about it! It seems like so long ago, but in fact this time last week we were there! It was a really nice holiday and great to see somewhere new. It is a pretty spectacular place with stunning scenery a good walks to go on.

On our first full day we went to the Capital Funchal to have a walk around. We walked through the old part of the city first with the old cobbled streets and painted doors.

We went to a small photography museum which held lots of equipment and cameras of the Islands first ever photographer. It was pretty impressive and made me feel all nostalgic for my days in the darkroom! Rob and I compared our camera collection to theirs, and I have to say, ours didn't look too shabby in comparison!

We walked around a little more through the center of town, and Andy was explaining how much of the center of Funchal had been ruined in a bad storm and flood in 2010. Madeira is extremely hilly, and Funchal lies at the bottom at sea level, so you can imagine the damage a huge flood running down from the highest points could do. They have taken years to repair and clean it all up with tonnes and tonnes of debris and waste being cleared to the sea front. They have a saying there that says "nature will always return and claim what was once it's own" or something along those lines, which I feel is pretty poignant!

In Madeira one of the best places to eat (and the cheapest!) is in the supermarket cafes. I don't think I would fancy doing it in the Uk, but here the food is really good, especially the homemade pizzas! In the shopping center Theo had fun playing on a little ride, and a special play area just for kids, where he had a little kiss and a cuddle with a local girl! hah it was so sweet!

On our way back we stopped at a view point to look back on Funchal, and it is an impressive sight. The thing I love about Madeira is that where ever you go the sight of the ocean follows you, and is such a commanding sight!

The next day we had a relaxing day by the pool and went on a walk, which was exactly what I needed. The weather there was warm, but so changeable as the clouds come in from the high parts of the island so quickly.

So there you go, will try and update again tomorrow! Have missed blogging recently actually, feel like there's so much to share!

Hope everyone enjoyed the (wet) jubilee weekend!


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