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Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weather?! We've spent most of the time outside in the garden and it's been lovely, we're getting geared up to go on holiday on Friday, where the weather should be great too (hopefully!)

Anyway, I thought I would share a few bits from Sunday as I saw my dad and had a great little day out at a garden centre...

But first I thought I would share with you this little video I took of Theo on his first ever carousel ride. I just couldn't stop saying 'look at his face' as he was so sweet on the ride. He held on tight pretty much the whole way round, and even though we were calling his name he wouldn't really look at us, or it would be too late by the time he did! He was fascinated by the middle coloumn and the lights on it. I was worried he was going to hate it, but he seemed to enjoy himself!

When I showed it to Rob and watched it back we were both pretty moved by it. It made us feel such strong mixed emotions, of such pride of watching Theo ride it all by himself, but also one of sort of amazement that he could be that big and old to sit so independently on such a ride. It made me suddenly realise how grown up he looked, how separate from me he is and how much of a little boy he is becoming. I know I've said it a thousand times before, but he is no longer a baby, and I think it just finally really hit home. I just can't believe how quickly it all changes, and sometimes I feel it's moving terribly fast, and you do truly blink and miss it. Things recently have seemed to have sped up, we moved him to his own room, he's stopped feeding at night and not needing me (we've had two nights of 8 or more hours straight sleep!) and soon I will be leaving him for two days a week to go to work. How did that happen? But the thing is, he seems fine with all of this, and like he's ready for these changes and steps, and that makes me sad. I'm glad he is ready and we are finally (hopefully) getting there with the sleep thing, but it still makes me sad that he doesn't need me, and I can no see a point in the future not too far away, where he's going to stop nursing altogether, and then that the last of our special things that we share gone. That's what I loved so much about be pregnant, that relationship that you have between you and your growing baby, the secret kicks, the conversations and that indescribable feeling of protection and love. It's something that no-one else can know, and private friendship available to only the two of you. Then when they are born suddenly there are other people added to the equation and that relationship slowly fades. That's not to say that Theo and I don't have our own special relationship now, we do of course, and I love him and the things we have together more and more everyday, but it feels different. Sometimes I just wish I could squeeze him tight and freeze time for a little bit so I can stop and fully soak up the moment and feeling. It's just too scary how fast it all goes, and before long he's going to be talking and communicating better and becoming a whole lot more independent and  his own person, which I can't wait to experience, but at the same time I'm happy for that to take it's time, and him to remain little for some time more thanks!

Anyway, aside from all the excitement we had a really lovely day. I drove over to Bradford On Avon, to visit my dad who was staying at my Great Aunts. We played in the garden with some bubbles, and the dog, and Theo was equally obsessed with both! We then drove a little way to a garden centre to have a look around. They had a great playground just for toddlers, and we spent a long time in there as Theo could play on EVERYTHING! We then took a little ride on a tractor/train around the grounds, which was fun. We went to look at the chickens and the fish and some nice plants. We stopped for tea before heading back and driving to Saltford where we met Rob, who cycled from Bristol after work, at a nice pub by the canal. We saw a canal boat come into the lock and we stood and watched them go through it, a first time for both of us! We ate some food, then headed home with a very tired out baba. It was nice though to spend time with some of my family, especially my dad who lives on the other side of the country and doesn't get to see Theo nearly as much as he would like. Anyway here are a few photos!


  1. The video is so sweet. Theo seems like such a chilled out kid. I remember putting my little sister on one of those for the first time, and she cried the whole way round - whoops!


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