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So as most of you probably know this weekend we have been bathed in glorious sunshine! I hope the weather was as good for you as it was for us....

Anyway, Robs Gran came to visit us for the weekend, which has been lovely, and nice to be able to look after her a little to repay her for all she does for us! She's also so great with Theo, and it's nice to have a little break from playing with him.

On Saturday we went to a nearly new sale to have a look for garden toys for Theo, which of course we didn't find but came away with a few bits anyway (I'll save those for a later post!) It was pretty hot and busy, so we didn't stay long and headed home to play in the garden.

In the evening I made a yummy lasagne and Rob and I headed out to pick up a good new (to us) toy for Theo, a climbing frame for the garden, found on Gumtree. I then fell asleep on the sofa at about 8.30 and eventually went to bed at 9.30, guess I had to get my extra hour in as the clocks went forward! I was exhausted though.

This morning we got up and ready to go to Wales again. We went to visit St.Fagans again, but the main reason for us visiting again was to go to the wedding fayre that they had on. In theory we thought this might be a good idea, as we have started to think a little (eek) about getting married. When we last visited St.Fagans we discussed that it would be nice to get married in Wales, as that's where we met, and we both love it quite a lot. Also we thought St.Fagans might be good as it's where we went on one of our first sort of dates. Also it's in the countryside and we thought maybe we could have it outside. Now I've never been to a wedding fayre before, and I imagined them to be full on cheesy horrible things full of people trying to take your money, but I thought this one might be different and might just have information on the different venues. But I was wrong, in fact before we even got to the fayre I was regretting it thinking, actually if they are holding a fayre on it, it obviously isn't a very individual place to have a wedding, and we were right.

As soon as we walked up to the marquee we knew it wasn't for us, housing disgusting men's waistcoats, horrible photography and even a company where you could get your faces put on slate.....really really not us. Next they had a tour of one the venues, the castle. We stood towards the back of a group of about 10 or so, and they described how the day would unfold if you had the wedding there, you'd arrive in the car, walk down the path, have the ceremony then people would have drinks outside blah blah, the same routine for every wedding, different people, but the same day. Is that what it's all about? But wait it got worse, when we went inside to the ceremony room (which is in fact an amazing room in the castle) they had horrible chairs with bows (which I HATE) and a big harp. We didn't even bother to listen to the rest and went to look round the castle/house ourselves. On the way back we passed the room and someone was playing the harp. I have to say normally I love the harp (Joanna Newsom I love you) but this was just horrid. I have never really properly experienced this, but as we walked passed I actually felt myself feel queasy and my throat tighten up as I gagged. Haha, Rob and I looked at each other and burst out laughing before quickly leaving the whole scene.

Ok, ok I'm probably being a bit harsh, as I can imagine on the day it would all be lovely, but it's not what we want. I don't want a day that is bought as a package, pre-made and well rehearsed. To me weddings should be about you, the individual and celebrating with friends and family in a way that suits and reflects you. You want to be able to relax and have fun and share your love and life with the people closet to you. I don't want a wedding where the next week someone else will be doing the same exact thing, just with a different dress. And plus it shouldn't have to cost the earth. The happiest but probably the most expensive day of your life.

But it doesn't have to be this way, and we certainly don't have to buy into this whole 'wedding' package thing, where you 'have' to have this and that otherwise the day will be a disaster. To me, as long as we are both there, with our family and friends, with some good food and a location that reflects us, I'll be happy. (oh and that it doesn't cost £5000)

But anyway, so that was the first hour of the visit, the rest was a lot better!

There is the biggest, hugest most beautiful magnolia tree in the grounds, and they make me go all giddy at this time of year! Please note my ghostly white legs being exposed for the first time this year!

We then went to meet up with Robs Gran and Theo who had been exploring the woods and looking at the pigs! Theo was raring to get out of his pram and when we let him loose he toddled around getting very excited to be free!

We had some ice-cream and then some lunch and then returned home. It was a lovely day out again, and of course I never tire of going to St.Fagans, we just won't be getting married there!

We do have a few more ideas about the wedding, and are going to start slowly checking things out, but don't expect anything exciting soon! It's just ideas for now...


  1. I love st fagans too! what about here for a welsh wedding. I went there for a really relaxed wedding last year, we then went to the Polyn for one of the nicest meals I've ever had.
    Ignore the cheesy pictures. their wedding was nothing like bows! ooohhh weddings! love it!
    also, I know what you mean about cheesy harps! My harpist played the music from the film Amelie and we signed the register to Moon River because Breakfast at Tif' is my favourite film. I'm looking forward to more wedding posts, and by the way...congratulations!! xx


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