Mothers day

A bit late in posting I know, but thought I would write a post about my second Mothers day. Since my first one was pretty non existent, as Rob didn't really realise that it was actually a day for me as well as his own mother, I've been making him feel bad for a whole year.

I'd say that this year he definitely made up for it! We had a lovely day. My Mum and Andy had come down to stay for the weekend, as we planned to go to the beer festival on Saturday evening. I thought that we would all be able to go and take Theo with us and hopefully he would of slept, but what with his eye infection I decided that it probably wasn't the best idea anyway, I was getting paranoid that people would look at us the wrong way and think we were bad parents, and I think it would have been bad as it was really busy apparently and no other children or babies at all. So I stayed home whilst they all went out. Rob rolled in at some point in the night, and proceeded to loudly snore!

On Sunday Theo kindly decided that he would wake up at 6, so I stayed awake with him until 7 when I woke Rob up and told him it was his turn. With a little protesting he did get up and take him downstairs, and I fell back to sleep (something I'm not usually able to do annoyingly). I got woken up about an hour and a half later with a cup of tea and a card, then I remembered that it was mothers day! Damn right I was allowed a lie in!

I came downstairs to open my little present from Theo, some lovely Lush bath and cleanser.

Rob spent the morning preparing a mammoth roast, as his Mum was also going to be joining us, whilst we spent the morning playing.

The lunch was yummy, and even better that I didn't have to do any of it nor the cleaning up, hooray! Thanks Rob!

Robs dad joined us shortly after, with lots of beer leftovers from the beer festival (he helps organise and run it) It was a lovely day, but tiring too, after everyone left we just collapsed on the sofa.

Hope everyone else had a great day, and were thoroughly spoiled! Rob apparently has another surprise for me, to enjoy at a later date...hope it's a Caribbean cruise..


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