It's that time again

I've run away to Malvern for a few days, not for any particular reason, just to get some space.

Sometimes I feel the city is pretty suffocating and I long just to get in my car and drive somewhere a bit more remote. Malvern is certainly more remote and seeing the mountains and open countryside makes me relax a little bit. Sometimes I just get bored of the weekly routine, of planning each day and waiting for the time when Rob returns home, making dinner, putting Theo to bed, then doing it all over again the next day. Don't get me wrong, most of the time I love our life and our little routine, but sometimes I just need to break it for a few days.

Another reason that I've taken a break is that Rob and I have reached that point in time where we need a bit of space from each other. Nothing serious at all, just a little more bickering than usual and less enjoying each others company. I think in a way it's healthy that we recognise that we need a few days apart from each other, to have a little breathing space and time to think things over. I always miss him terribly too when we spend a few days apart, so I guess it's worth it.

I've had a nice couple of days up here, I've been on a run and looked in charity shops, and yesterday we went in the car on a (long) journey back to my home town as my Mum had to do a few things there. This meant we got to have a fly by visit to Granddad, which was nice and we had fun in the park! The weather has been glorious these last few days so that's helped with my mood a lot I think. 

This past week or so I have taken a little unintended break from the internet, well twitter mainly and blogging. I guess I just haven't felt like writing much. Everything seems a but crowded and more difficult and just doing our day to day routine has been more than enough for me, that I just haven't felt like sitting down on the computer to write. But hopefully this little break has done the trick, because I miss blogging sometimes. I really am glad Spring has started to arrive, and not a minute too soon. I think, I hope that is what has been wrong with me these last few weeks, the winter dragging on and the grey days. Breathing in fresh air and feeling the warm sun on my face definitely seems to have done the trick already! 

Theo really seems to love being outside too, but he's come down with a nasty cold in the last few days, so I'm hoping the fresh air is helping him too. 


  1. Big cuddles. We all have those days, and being a stay at home mama is so hard sometimes. I'm glad you've got somewhere to go when those days come about. xxx
    p.s. Theo looks so grown up!!!

    1. ha i know right? he's a full blown toddler (nearly!)

      yeh it's hard sometimes to have the energy to be entertaining all day long for the little one, sometimes i would just be easier to let someone else look after them and plan their day for them! But yes it is great that my mum lives closer now so I can just last minute pop up there and have a break for a few days! certainly helps!


  2. I know it all too well sometimes and i had a different start to things...husband, house etc but it's still hard to go from being a 2 to a 3...
    So important to make time for just the two of you if you well as having the space.
    I agree about spring though. the lighter mornings and sunshine is helping lots!
    S xoxo


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