end of my...tether

So this week has been a trying one to say the least. And it couldn't be coming to an end any sooner.

On Tuesday Theo woke up with really gungy eyes, so I rang up the doctors and got an appointment for the afternoon, the doctor said he had 'sticky eye'...is that a true medical term? Anyway, his eyes are extremely sticky, crusty and pussy. We got some eye drops which seem to be helping, but his eyes are all swollen and sore. He also had bright green snot dripping down his face, all the time.

But he's pretty ok in himself, not really acting ill, which means he his still full of energy, but as he is leaking from his eyes we can't go to any of our usual playgroups to try and expel that energy, so we've been stuck inside most of the week, slowly going mad. He seems to be extra naughty because of it. I know he's just doing things so he can get attention when I'm trying to have a moments rest, and I'm trying hard not to get angry or raise my voice at him, but gah he is really pushing it today! I don't want to be one of those mums who just yells at their children and constantly says no, but sometimes on days like today, when I feel rough myself, have had a little amount of sleep the night before my patience seems to running dry. And you know what I keep hearing in the back of my head...it's only going to get worse.

If anyone finds my sweet, happy non tantruming baby boy, can they bring him back please? There seems to be a monster in his place...


  1. my little man gets this as well all the time - especially when he's snot ridden (i think he may rub snot and it gets in his eyes leading to the infection - ewww, sorry!). i do cooled boiled water with cotton wool, or breastmilk, and it does pass.
    as for the naughtiness - its probably cause he hasnt been out and about as much? A trip to the park or shops would be safe if hes up to it. i know how it feels though - hate that cooped up feeling, definitely sends you a little crazy!
    good luck, hope you have a better weekend! x

    1. It's horrible to see them like it isn't it? I had the same thing this time last year, (I'm dreading it if I catch it again) so I know how horrid it is! He seems to be coping really well, just getting bored I think! We managed the park once this week but would be good to get out again! Thanks for the tips though, have been wiping with cotton wool but not tried breast milk! X

  2. Bug gets this from time to time. It's not much fun. Keep washing it in in a bit of salt water a- but the best thing is to constantly keep washing his hands with wet wipes. Bug always rubs his eyes when he gets this, and the dirt gets in which makes it hang around longer. And Claire is right, a trip to the park to feed the ducks or a swing (swings are where it's at as far as my boy's concerned) then you both get a bit of fresh air. Hope it passes soon. Sending positive vibes! x

    1. Hi! Thanks for the tips, I think keeping the hands clean is definitely something I need to keep ontop of! He touches everything! Yeh we went for a walk around the park one day which was great, and attempted shops yesterday but he's not the biggest fan of being sick in his buggy at the best of times! Luckily we've got my mum coming to visit today to distract him! He always has lots of fun then. X


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