A weekly roundup

So here is a little glimpse into what our week looked like last week, according to my phone!

1&2 flying baby in Malvern, Valentines day outfit
3&4 inside our wardrobe, bubble fun with Oma
5&6 a still life of our table, blue sky mornings out back
7&8 Sunday morning sunshine, all dressed up to go to a birthday party
9&10 child number 2, perfect sleeping bebe
11&12 let loose in the supermarket, homemade pizza with rocket and goats cheese
13&14 self portrait on a cold morning, Alma in heaven
15&16 snow! reading in bed

So that was last week, it was my first week being alone again with Theo, but we had plenty of visitors and meet ups with friends. On Sunday we drove over to Malvern to visit my Mum for a (yummy) lunch and a play in the park, so good to be able to just pop over. Rob had the weekend off, still a novelty for us! We attended a 1st birthday party and Theo visited his first ever soft play, which was manic, but fun! It snowed but didn't last very long, Theo still hasn't had a chance to go out in it as it didn't stick around ( I want a snow day!)

Yesterday evening Rob and I had our date out to the cinema, which was great, the film was amazing! We had quick burritos for dinner, before rushing off to pick up a very grumpy tired baby from the grandparents (yikes!) I didn't get to go to the gym as it was super expensive to join and a little misleading from the information on the website, damn. But I did sign Theo up for swimming lessons which started today, and he loved it! He literally smiled and laughed the whole class, it was the sweetest thing. I'm so glad we're starting these classes as I think they will be great for him, and me (it's a bit of exercise for me still right?!)

Hope you all had a good weekend and are having a lovey dovey Valentines day, not that I am! 


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