Theo and the new shoes

So as I mentioned yesterday Theo got his feet measured for the first time and we bought his first ever proper pair of shoes! How exciting!

It was very sweet! He took a while to warm up at first, only really crawling around, and I was thinking oh god he''s not going to walk and she's going to think we're stupid for wanting shoes, but he did after a little warming up. He sat on my knee and she measured his little feet, well not so little, he's size 4G! We picked out 3 pairs of shoes to try on, and gosh they are expensive! Two were in the sale but still were over £20, and they don't last that long at all. the women recommended that we come and get his feet checked in 6 to 8 weeks?! Yikes!

how grown up does he look? About 2 years old?!

We chose the first pair that he tried on, and he walked around in them testing them out. It was really funny as he kept trying to kick them off his feet, as obviously they are a lot heavier than his other soft ones, but eventually he got the hang of them, and after that he tore round the shop pulling everything off the shelves having a whale of a time!

We got a little picture taken to keep and lots of little goodies, and a tiny shoe box! It was all very exciting (for us probably more than him, he just loved the attention!)

So that was that, Theo has proper shoes and is a proper little boy.

Here are a few more photos from Rob's grans, he had so much fun!

(We had quite a lot of fun playing with the sieve)

Everyday he's getting more and more confident with standing, walking and climbing. We've watched him learn how to stand up by himself in the last few days too, it's so amazing to see the progress!

We're back home now in a freeeezing Bristol. We had a really lovely short break, exactly what we needed after the hectic birthday weekend! I feel so lucky to be able to go and do these sorts of things, to visit and feel so welcome at Rob's Grandparents. Its heartwarming to see how much they love and care for Theo, and us too! I'm very thankful!

Right I'm going to go get cozy on the sofa, goodnight!


  1. Theo looks so happy with his new shoes! x

  2. Awww, he looks so pleased with himself! Don't worry about the 6-8 week thing, they just like you to check back in. They'll either fit or they won't, and you'll soon know anyway. Rach has only just gone into a 5f, and she had her 2nd birthday a fortnight ago! That said, her best buddy is in something like a 9, so they're all different.


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