Out and About: St.Fagans

So Spring is here! We planned earlier this week to get up on Saturday and drive over to Wales. We wanted to do something different and get out the house, and well get out of Bristol too. I have visited St.Fagans Welsh history museum quite a few times, but haven't been in over a year now.

We decided to go here because there is tons to do, it's free and it's mostly outside. We were hoping that the weather would be ok, but we were treated to some lovely warm sunshine the whole day. It was great to be out walking around, feeling refreshed. I find that, however great Bristol is, sometimes I get a bit suffocated, there's not a whole lot to do that is family friendly and free, and sometimes it's nice to just get out of the city into the countryside. I've also been hankering to go back to Wales, it's been a long time, and I miss it so much! Driving the familiar roads and seeing the countryside made my heart glad. Sometimes we do think about moving back to Wales, one day maybe...

Anyway, back to St.Fagans. It's an open air history museum of Welsh life, and there are replica houses and shops made out as to how they would have look through the ages. My favourites are the local store and the row of terraced cottages that jumps through different centuries. There is a working bakery selling amazing bread and cheesy buns, a working blacksmith, miller, saddler and weaver and even a clog maker! I met and spent time with these people a while ago whilst I was doing a photography project on traditional crafts.

So here are some pictures of our fun day out...there are quite a few


 After a lovely walk around we stopped for a picnic we made, sitting in the sunshine. It was just perfect! Theo had a good old walk around exploring, he's so fast at walking now and was just off as soon as we put him down!

It was such a lovely day, and we were thoroughly tired out after all of our fresh air and walking. We decided to have a little trip into Cardiff before we headed home. I love Cardiff and it was so nice to go back to somewhere so familiar, I really do miss it. We had such a lovely family day out, and it didn't cost much money at all, we really need to start planning to do days out (that are cheap!) for our weekends, because it makes all the difference to our moods and how we enjoy spending time as a family. I'm so excited that Spring is making an appearance, it really is my favourite time of year!

Sorry for so many photos, we got a bit snap happy!


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