Daddy love

Yesterday evening we were all sitting on the sofa, Theo in the middle, when I looked down and saw that Rob and Theo were holding hands.

I said, "is Theo holding your hand?" and Rob informed me that he had been doing it all day, whilst they had been out adventuring together.

Yesterday afternoon they went out so I could get to work on Theo's tipi. I didn't know where they were going, but they took the bus into town together. Rob took Theo for a walk around the docks and got chips, the same thing he used to do with his dad. They then went to a playground and played on the slides. They took another bus to go see a friend, had a walk around and returned home 5 hours later.

I love this. I love the thought of them riding the bus together, holding hands, daddy and son. Adventuring around the city together. It makes me heart melt just a little bit.

I love seeing their relationship grow and like that Theo doesn't need me all the time and can go for long stretched of time without me. I love that Rob is there to do these things with him, that they have their own connection and love for each other.

I can't wait to sit back and watch it grow and grow in the future. Hooray for dads.


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