The much needed holiday

So here we are, in a cosy B&B in a small village in North Devon. It's slowly getting dark outside and dinner is being cooked and the baby is playing.

We are staying with a friend of Rob's, who sadly passed away a few years ago, parents, who are kindly making us feel very welcome and at home. It's lovely here and is exactly what we need. The B&B was set up and aims to be a place of refuge for families going through bereavement, in connection with the charity they have also set up, Paul's Fund. Of course it's open to regular people too, and it really is a great place.

We're staying here for a few days before driving to the other side of Devon to spend the rest of the week with Rob's grandparents, where I know we will also be looked after very well. Because I'm from the East of England we never really ventured into Devon for family holidays when I was little, but this is where Rob used to holiday all the time. Its all new for me, but bringing back lots of memories for Rob, which is lovely. It's really great being on a little holiday, with just us as a family, and it's been pretty relaxing so far.

I haven't posted in a while as I've had a pretty hectic, stressful week. Theo is feeling much better now, which is great, but means I'm on catch up from everything I didn't do whilst he was ill for three weeks and wanting only to be attached to me ALL the time. As well as me then getting sick, I feel completely behind, and just drained from it!

In other news we have seriously been thinking about moving, again. We thought that our flat would be big enough, with a room for Theo, but after living in it for 6 months we've found that it doesn't really work as well as we'd hoped, for us. Also the agency are a massive massive pain in the bum and we'd rather not have any thing to do with them anymore. So anyway our contract runs out in November so we thought we would have a look to see what was out there. We've also talked before about perhaps moving out of the city centre, as we can get so much more room for our money and it's a lot quieter (no pesky students that's for sure) and thinking ahead, much better schools than in the centre of Bristol. It scary having to think that far ahead, but there is limited space in Bristol and I think by the time Theo gets to 18 months we're going to have to be somewhere near a good school, and I don't think 18 months is going to come around slowly!

We have looked at a house about 20 minutes away by car from the centre. It's in a nice area of Bristol that is pretty family orientated, with its own little high street. It's away from where friends live, but I have my car and it's easy enough to get around and back into the centre to meet up with people. There is also a nice community centre there with a baby group that I checked out, so there is the possibility of meeting new mums right? Anyway there's lots to think about, and whether we can afford it. But moving there would give us lots more room than we have now, for less money than we are paying, so in the long run hopefully it will work out. But we're going to take our time with this one, and not make any rushed decisions. But it could all be happening!

Right so, back to the holiday. We arrived Monday night and had a nice dinner with the owners, and after a bit of chatting went to bed. On Tuesday we went for a walk on the nearest beach, it was a proper autumnal day, clear and crisp with blustery wind. I love winter beaches, or rugged natural beaches, where you get blown along and your eyes water from the wind. As you know I'm not really the biggest fan of sand, or lying on hot beaches, but give me a cold beach to walk along and I love it!

After being blown about on the beach we retreated to the small cafe to have hot chocolate. The cold weather is coming and I'm so excited!

Theo's excited too! His little hat is from a craft market I went to when I was looking at the house to rent. It was in the community centre there (another good reason to move there!) and from a lady who hand knits them and it was her first stall, and I was her very first sale! I tried it on and Theo just looked so cute in it I had to buy it, plus he chewed the label so I couldn't really give it back...

That's all for now, this post has taken me about two days to write, and it's now our last day here. We've been busy and out and about and not on the internet much, which is nice when you're on holiday. But I will try to update when we get to Robs grans. We have loads more pictures too..


  1. Gorgeous photos! Sounds like a lovely place x

  2. All these photos make me want to run to the nearest beach for a frosty walk. Looks beautiful where you are. Enjoy the rest of your time on holiday!

  3. Awesome pics...looks like you guys had a great time ^-^

  4. you are a beautiful family and your baby is soooooooo guapo!!!!

  5. Awww! I'm from a little town about 10 minutes from Georgeham!! Off there tomorrow actually! Lovely part of the world :)


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