more holiday please

hello again, we're at Rob's grandparents now, and like I said we have been thoroughly spoilt! Since we got here we've not really had to lift a finger, and all our meals are cooked for us and the baby is entertained. It's great, but I'm going to be a real fatty when I get back home!

Today we took a trip to Exeter to have a look around and in some shops. I sort of realised that Theo has run out of clothes for the next size up, so we did a little stocking up in my favourite shop (for baby clothes) h&m. They really do have the best baby boy clothes. I wouldn't mind if Theo was dressed head to toe h&m all the time, if only I could afford it...(even though it is pretty cheap) We had a really nice but tiring day, and even got a few treats for ourselves, which was great, as it's been a long while since I've had something new!

This holiday has gone so fast, I can't believe it's the weekend already and we will be returning to Bristol in a few days. I sort of wish we were back on the beaches. I felt that part of the holiday went waaaaay too quickly. It was so lovely just to spend the day with my amazing little family; talking, walking and holding hands. I feel that after all the stress and tiredness of life recently, Rob and I have actually had time to enjoy each others company, and not just stress about housework, money, jobs etc. It's great to be able to reconnect in a way, and remember why you both enjoy spending time with each other. It just reminds me of how great and perfect our relationship is, and I'm so glad I've got Rob by my side to support me, and be there to talk to, and who understands things the way I do. Sometimes it's easy to forget these things when caught up with daily life and trying to stay on top of things. It makes my heart glad.

I've enjoyed this holiday so much so far, just what we both needed. On our second day we visited another beach and had a walk, then went for a yummy pub lunch. We just spent the rest of the day back at the b&b, relaxing the day away. Theo has been such a good baby whilst we've been away too, and it's so great to see him back to his normal self.  He's fully mobile now and will pull himself up onto everything and cruise the furniture. He's taken a few steps with his baby walker (the one I had as a child!) which is amazing to see, but scary too. He's just the sweetest too, and becoming so much more vocal and animated. He's into EVERYTHING and wants to explore EVERYWHERE, it's tiring, but makes me heart melt over and over! He's getting so much better at meal times too, and really loves his food now. It makes me so proud and glad to see him feed himself and enjoying food, and makes me feel like I've accomplished something great by sticking with the baby led weaning. Anyway here are some photos of him and more of the first day of the holiday...(need to put the rest on the computer!)

 In other news the house we liked has been rented, subject to contract etc, so looks like we missed out on that. We said we really liked it, and being away and talking it over it ticked so many boxes and we felt really positive about it. We said that if it was still there when we got back we would go for it, and it was meant to be, but alas it went. Places, especially nice places like that, don't stay around long on the rental market. But when hearing that it had gone I was really really gutted. I'm not sure if its because I know I can't have it I want it more, or whether it being taken made me realise that it really was the right place for us. It makes me sad. But we really didn't want to rush into things, and it was the only place we had looked at, and didn't have the deposit money together, and hadn't even told our agency at the moment we were thinking of leaving our flat. It all would have been too fast, and perhaps if we hadn't gone on holiday we could have viewed some other places and made a faster decision, but we hadn't 100% decided that we were going to move at that point either. But now we know we want to move, I really want to! But I guess it just wasn't meant to be, and fingers crossed something as amazing will come up and it will be the right time.

Right time for beddy-byes...i shall try to update again soon with the rest of the pictures. adios!


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