The country fair

Yesterday I felt the need to get out of Bristol and do something other than sit inside my flat with a grizzling teething baby. So I rang up my mother and arranged to go to Malvern and join her and Andy at the Autumn country show at the show ground.

Oh the ease of driving to her house in an hour! What a treat, and it's such beautiful countryside and lovely to be out driving around.

I haven't been to a proper country show before, and this one is HUGE! There was so much there, tons of country wear type stalls, vintage tractors and trucks, gardens, giant vegetables, a whole poultry tent, more animals, craft stalls, flowers, an amazing food tent, dog and horse shows and lots more! I was so tired by the end of it...

Think my favourite part was eating buffalo milk ice cream, tasting lots of cheese and yummys in the food hall, and letting Theo pet the horses and doggys...he was laughing and getting so excited. And the giant pumpkins and cabbages of course! Theo did really well considering we were out all day, and even managed a sleep in the middle, and as ever he was charming all the ladies...

But does this mean i'm a proper adult now, as I enjoyed a country fair? 


  1. Are u kidding? Country fairs ROCK!

  2. lovely photos - especially of the trucks :)
    Flora x

  3. Hell, I wish I could go to a country fair! So bored of city life and homesick for the countryside. I love these pictures! Plus young Theo is so handsome, you lucky lady :) X


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