At yaya's house

Hello, I am writing to you today from my holiday home, aka my mums house. It's about that time when I need a little break from Bristol and want to spend some time with my dearest mother. Also I think Rob needed a little bit of a break too, lucky boy!

I drove up to my mum's house (for the last time!) on Wednesday. It's going to be strange her not living up here anymore, and even stranger her living so much much closer, but much better really. But I think I'm going to miss it a little bit here, even though I only lived here for the summer last year, but it was the start of my pregnancy journey. It was the place where we met Theo for the first time at the scan, found out he was a boy and heard his heart beat for the first time! All really exciting milestones in my pregnancy. I really enjoyed living here when I did, it felt like my last chance to be the child, the one to be looked after, rather than the one doing the looking after. I know that sounds silly as I'm a grown women and an 'adult' (whatever that means), but there is still something special about being cared for by your mum, no matter how old you are!

So anyway I have spent the time going back to the places I went to before, for the last time (maybe not the last time ever, but for a while at least) I went to Sleaford to hit up the charity shops, which are usually pretty good. I find small town charity shops are so much better than city ones, it's always cheaper and you can always find hidden gems!

I found these great little wellies for when Theo is big enough to run and splash around in puddles! They have big whale grins on the toes, only £1! Also a nice collection of little books. I couldn't believe it when  I found the 'Theo's rainy day' book. I've never seen a book with his name on before, and I bought it on a rainy day, believe it or not! meant to be...

I can't wait to build up my children's book selection, in fact my mum has given me some of my old books from when I was little and I love looking at them, as they were my favourites. I will try and do a post of all my favourite books, and new ones I have collected, which coincides with inspiration from two other mummas doing a similar thing on their blogs here and here

Anyway, yesterday we went into Lincoln to have a look around. We tried Theo in one of those baby walkers in mothercare, which he loved and actually managed to move around on the floor a little with, it was really funny and sweet. Going to try and look out for one at a car boot or gumtree, as bugger paying £50-75 for one that is new and not going to last that long! This mother-baby market is a joke! How much money do they expect you to shell out for these things that only last 6 months or so?!

But saying that, Theo did get a nice new toy from his grandparents, because it is pretty cool! Here is a little video of our rockstar drummer in the making:

The toy is meant for a 1 year old, so I was pretty impressed that Theo seemed to figure it out! He loves slapping and drumming on things, so this is perfect! what a lucky lucky boy...

We were all pretty tired out when we came home, and my mum took Theo to get him to sleep. I went upstairs a little later to check on him and this is what I found:

So sweet! It made me feel all warm and a little teary as it was lovely to see them like this together!

We also bought a few more clothes for Theo and a photo album so I can finally get photos of Theo into an album (need to print some out as well...) I got a batch printed from birth til about 3 months, but since then we have just been putting them on the computer, or mainly all on Intsagram. On blurb you can make your own book from all of your Instagram pictures, which I think I will do as it's a nice way of conserving all the photos that will end up lost of forgotten soon enough. I think I've mentioned before that I wrote my dissertation on the decline of the 'family album' and it's something I feel really strongly about. We try and use our film camera and take 'real' photos of us as a family, but it's sometimes so much easier to just use the iphone (and I'm totally addicted to Instagram!) But it's always there in the back of my mind, must make a photo album! Especially of the 1st year of the bebes life, half way there!

So anywhere, here are some photos of Theo, I'm so impressed with his sitting skills now, he rarely falls over anymore and he is so steady and strong, proud mumma!

And to celebrate 'World Breastfeeding Week' my little contribution:

Anyway, looking forward to getting back to Bristol and seeing Rob. Even though it's nice to have some space every now and then I miss him as soon as I go away! And Alma of course...

Car boot sale tomorrow morning, hooray!

see ya! hope you're all having a lovely weekend


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